Install WhatsApp On iPod Touch and iPad Without Jailbreak [How To]

Whats app is an application for iPhone, Android and other mobile platform that lets you to send text message between your friends at free of cost. Whats app cannot be installed on iPod Touch and iPad because its not compatible with it. Now you can easily Install WhatsApp On iPod Touch and iPad without Jailbreaking your device.

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All you need is iPhone Configuration utility and iTunes.

Download iTunes For Windows and Mac

Download iPhone Configuration utility for Windows and Mac

In my case I tried with iTunes 10.5 Beta, iOS 5 and iPod Touch 4th Gen

WhatsApp iPad – Whatsapp iPod Touch – Steps

1. Open your iTunes and looks for the App that is not compactable with your iPod Touch or iPad

2. Install and open the iPhone Configuration utility before that make sure you connected your iPod or iPad to Windows PC or Mac

iPhone Configuration Utility - Home

3. Check on the left panel on iPhone configuration utility.

Click on application, Add file and locate the .ipa file you want to add or simply drag and drop the .ipa file to iPhone configuration utility

You can Locate the .ipa at the following path

For Mac user

/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Application

For Windows user

C:\Users\USER\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications

Note : The paths mentioned above are default ones, if you changed the path them check the .ipa file there.

iPhone Configuration Utility - Application

4. Check for Devices on the left panel on iPhone configuration utility and make sure your iPod or iPad is listed.

Click on your device and go to application. A list of applications will will shown and in our case you can see Install button next to wahts app. Click on it and allow few seconds

Give it some time it will be installed on your deice and you will see the uninstall button next to the app installed.

iPhone Configuration Utility - App Install

iPhone Configuration Utility - App Uninstall

5. Now you can enjoy whatsapp on your iPod Touch or iPad. You can also do the same for other apps to make it force install if its not compatible with your iPod Touch or iPad

Screen Snaps from iPod Touch

whatsapp ipod jailbreak

whatsapp ipad jailbreak

Hope you enjoy whatsapp iPad without jailbreak and also on iPod touch

We noticed that many users got kAMDRecieveMessageError Here is a solution to fix it..

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  1. Hi,
    am using Ipad2 3G v4.3.3 , Itunes and Whatsapp v2.6.4
    Tried the method listed above , but when i click on the install button, an error message appear

    Cannot install application on device

    Appreciate if you have any solutions to it as I really want my paid applications to be on my ipad

  2. Loaded it as you instructed and it worked great.
    Unfortunately when I synced iPod with iTunes it Whatsapp was removed so I had to install it again following your instructions.
    Is there any way to keep it installed?

    • It has to work.. I tried on iOS 5.. It has to work with iOS 4 too.. will check and ping you soon!!

      • When I sync to iTunes i get the message
        This computer is no longer authorized for apps that are installed on the iPod “Keith’s iPod”. Would you like to authorize this computer for items purchased from the iTunes Store?
        If you do not authorize this computer, the app “WhatsApp” and its data will be deleted from this iPod.

      • Tried restarting Mac and iPod but still get the following message when I sync to iTunes
        This computer is no longer authorized for apps that are installed on the iPod “Keith’s iPod”. Would you like to authorize this computer for items purchased from the iTunes Store?
        If you do not authorize this computer, the app “WhatsApp” and its data will be deleted from this iPod.
        If I Authorize the WhatsApp is removed. If I cancel then the sync stops.

        • Dude.. First i tried with iOS 5 Beta.. It has an option not to sync with iTunes due to the iCloud..

          If you are synced your apps with different iTunes you have to first authorize and transfer purchases from your iPod.

          • I have used the same Mac for everything on the iPod. This has only become a problem since loading Whatsapp which I purchased through the same Mac



  3. Hi, I tried the method, I’m on a jailbroken 4.3.3 ipad 1st gen. it still says that my device is currently not supported. any tips?

    • y do u need this…????
      if u olready hv jailbroken thing…. for this u need original application as this also requires iTunesmetadata.plist that only exists in original app n not cracked application…!!!

    • u can download installous from cydia from the source an u can download the app from there n its for free or ull hv to spend 1$ for doing in such a way

  4. hi there,
    i m using window xp .. ipod touch 4.3.3 and whatsapp 2.6.4 (original version)..same problem with others…pop up the alert “kAMDReceiveMessageError”..
    any solutionss for that!!!
    appreciate for yr help!!!


    • Will soon figure it out !! I checked on my device. iPod Touch 4th Gen + iOS 4.3.3.. Works good, but i wont sync apps with my iTunes.

      • I get the same thing. iPod Touch 4th Gen + iOS 4.3.3.. Works good, but i wont sync apps with my iTunes.
        Also found that a couple of times when I tried to get apps using App Store that the Purchase/Install button was disabled after trying to sync with Whatsapp and cancelling the sync.

      • so are u guys using mac ???or i m using window i still cant install whatsapp in ipod..any solution for that??

  5. I am trying it on my ipad 2 with 4.3.3 running and whatsapp 2.6.4 but get the same error message. kAMDReceiveMessageError

  6. hi there,
    i m using window 7 .. ipod touch 4.3.3 and whatsapp 2.6.4 (original version)..same problem with others…pop up the alert “kAMDReceiveMessageError”..
    any solutionss for that!!!
    appreciate for yr help!!!


    Same exact problem as Gloria

  7. i manage to install install whatsapp on my ipad 2, however when i try to open it, it say device not supported.. any ideas how to get it working?

  8. Hey Karthikeyan,

    I tried to install Whatsapp but when, I want to install it says: “kAMDReceiveMessageError”

    This are the specs:

    iOS: 4.3.3 (8J2)
    iTunes: 10.3.1
    Whatsapp: 2.6.4
    iPod: 4th generation

    Hope you can help us who are using Windows 7.



  9. I’d install successfully installed the WhatsApp to my iPad but the only problem is the “Network Status” always shows Connecting and unable to use it

  10. Maheedhar says

    Hi I have the iPod touch 4th gen and whatsapp version 2.6.4 have the same problem as others pop up the alert “kAMDReceiveMessageError”.

  11. When i press install.. After 5 seconds , it saids can not install file on device.. a unknown error occured

  12. natasharamdan says

    Hi, I’ve been trying to download whatsapp for my ipod touch 4 gen. Followed through all that you say to do but to no avail. Please help!

  13. Sansibar says


    I found a Solution for this (not fully tested yet, but the App is running on my iPod touch 4G):

    The target is, that iTunes thinks it installs Version 2.4 but infact installs Version 2.6.4.
    Version 2.4 could be installed on iPod touch, Version 2.6.4 will not be installed by iTunes.

    How to do:

    1. You need both WhatsApp Versions, 2.4 and 2.6.4 (or just the latest). Download the latest Version from the AppStore. Version 2.4 you’ll find with Google (f.e. google: “WhatsApp v2.4 iPhone iPod Touch Lz0PDA rar”).

    2. Navigate to the folder, where iTunes stores the Apps:
    For Mac user: /Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Application
    For Windows user: C:\Users\USER\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications
    Copy the file “WhatsApp 2.6.4.ipa” to a save location (f.e. Desktop)! You’ll need it later.
    Rename the ipa-file of the WhatsApp-Version 2.4. to “WhatsApp 2.6.4.ipa” and copy it to the Mobile Applicatins Folder.

    3. Open iTunes and go to the “Apps” section in your Media Library. Delete the WhatsApp Version there from the Library (choose to keep the file!). Drag&Drop the modified file from the Mobile Applications folder to the Library.

    4. Connect your iPod Touch to the Computer, select it in iTunes and switch to the “Apps”-Tab. Enable App Synchronization, if not already done. Drag&Drop the WhatsApp Icon from the list on the left to the Home Screen on the right.

    5. Click “Apply” on the bottom right corner. The installation will start. At ca. 70% an error will occur and the installation will stop.

    6. Now go back to the Mobile Applications folder and replace the “fake” WhatsApp 2.6.4.ipa with the “real” file you copied to a save location before. Don’t change anything in iTunes. iTunes now will think, it installs Version 2.4. but infact will install the file with Version 2.6.4.

    7. In iTunes, Drag&Drop the WhatsApp Icon again from left to right an click “Apply”.

    8. The Installation should finish now without error.

    9. Start the App on the iPod as long as it is connected to the Computer.

    10. If the App on the iPod crashes, uninstall it in iTunes. Disconnect the iPod, restart iTunes and reinstall the App.

    Good Luck!

    Tested with the following specs:
    iPod Touch 4G
    iOs 4.3.1
    Windows XP SP3
    Whatsapp-Versions 2.4 und 2.6.4

    • Sansibar says

      … and I just found out the Problem of this Solution:
      The next time when synchronizing the Apps, there will be a message saying, that the Computer has to be activated. This message will be repeated until you choose not to activate. But this causes iTunes to uninstall WhatsApp. Fortunately, the installation process as described above will work again and the settings and chats won’t get lost (except the phone number has to be reentered), but the whole thing is quite annoying…

    • Hey man,

      I couldn’t download whatsapp version 2.4 from the link u gave.
      Google (f.e. google: “WhatsApp v2.4 iPhone iPod Touch Lz0PDA rar”).

      Do u have another link to download v2.4?


  14. thanks Sansibar!!!!
    thats work in my ipod!!!!!
    appreciated for yr udated!!!!

  15. Hi Sansibar,

    I’m interested to install whatsapp msgr on my iTouch 4G so I just follow your instruction from your 1st step it will work ??

    Hi Gloria,

    Is there any problem with your iTouch after installing of Whatsapp msgr ?

    thks & rgds,

  16. Hi Sansibar,

    I tried your method but there is an error message – You must authorise your pc for itunes store before you purchased. But My pc haf already been authorized.

    Btw I just do your method straight right ? Do i need to do Karthikeyan method before doing yours ?

    thks in adv,

  17. Hi Karthikeyan,

    Details of my ipod Touch:

    iTouch 4th Gen
    Software version 4.3.5

    I couldn’t do that, would appreciate if you could assist me, cos I need the msgr for project discussion.

    thks in adv,

  18. Hi Karthik

    I tried your message with iPhone 3.3 Utility.

    There was an error message – Cou;d not install application on device – Error ‘kAMDReceiveMessageError’.

    I purchased the app from iTunes store.

    Kindly advise.

    thks in adv,

  19. Hi Karthik,

    Many thanks for your help… Hope you’re able to get the solution.

    thks in adv,

  20. Hi Karthik,

    Can I check with you, upon install of Whatsapp I enter my mobile no. will I be charge for using it on my iPod thru wifi ??

    thks in adv,

  21. Oh ok.. So u mean in the future will be charge ??

    By the way I haf installed it successfully on my iPod. thks.

    • May be or may be not.. Good to hear that you installed whatsapp successfully.. For now only the app is paid one ! 🙂


      • Hello Polaris and Karthik,

        I have the same versions of everything as Polaris:
        iTouch 4th Gen
        Software version 4.3.5
        Utility 3.3
        But my installation was not successful, would you please tell me why? is there any trick that I need to pay attention to? Really need Whatsapp, thx!


  22. I want a easyer way to download an whatsapp

  23. Hi Karthik,

    I’ve tried for my ipad 2 and encounter the same problem : Could not install application on device – Error ‘kAMDReceiveMessageError’.
    Appreciate if you could find us a solution, desparate to make this really work. haha.. thank you 🙂

  24. hey karthik can you please explain this whole process again in an easier way and especially about the iphone configuration utility and the .ipa file…thanks

  25. hye.. i can’t complete the WhatsApp. It said WhatsApp was not installed because you are not authorized for it on this computer. –> so how? can u help me guys??

  26. hi
    the iphone config. utility is not working
    i could not launch the application.
    i am using win7

  27. Hi guys,

    I’m using Windows XP with the iPod touch 4G, iOS 4.3.5 and WhatsApp 2.6.4, I tried the steps but it says kAMDReceiveMessageError. Could you help me please?

  28. Worked great!! Thank You Soo Much 🙂

  29. Hi, I managed to successfully installed it on my iPad using fun box but when I open the app, it mention device not supported.. Can u help me with this?

  30. For those want to install, but with error AMDReceiveMessageError. You can try i fun box installing to ipad. It works well without error. Thanks Joycelyn!

  31. serge tavitian says

    after installing on ipod touch 4 its says could not connect to whatsapp service please try again later , i tried more than once everyday on different router

  32. I successfully installed on my iPod 4g (without jailbreak) using iFunBox, but when I enter my phone number and try to link, I get an error that says that I can’t connect to server… any advice?

  33. i have done the steps as well and the whatsapp is already on my ipad now
    but the problem it tells me
    ”sorry, your device is currently not supported
    please any help ?

  34. i was able to install Whatsapp on my iPod touch 4.3.5.. But the application network status remains ‘not connected’ and it keeps on string creating favorites… even after installation i am unable to use it… any solution for this… thanks

  35. Same error on ipod touch 4: “could not connect to whatsapp service “. I installed 2.6.6 version of WhatsApp.

    any advice?

  36. i also have the same error on my ipod touch “could not connect to whatsapp service, pls try again later.” i have whatsapp 2.6.6, and 4.3.5 of touch.

    any solution? Thanks~~

    • Same here whatsapp 2.6.7 on 4g ios 5 GM jailbroken itouch.
      says: Could not connect to whatsapp service, please try again later. after filling in my phone number. it used to work just fine on 4.3.5 jailbroken same device.

      i have searched everywhere for an answer but all i find are people asking the same question. sucks…

  37. Hello , if i install this on my ipod touch, how do people message me if i dont have a phone number?

  38. I tried to install Whatsapp on my iPod 4G. I followed all of the steps above but when I try to launch the app on my iPod, it closes immediately.

    Is there any way I can stop that from happening?

    Grz, Michelle

  39. I did, but i got the message: Could not connect to WhatsApp service. Please try again later.

  40. I also have the same problem.
    Ipod touch 3G, iOS 4.0 and Whatsapp version 2.6.6.
    It keeps on telling me that it cannot connect to the Whatsapp server and that I should try again later when I filled in my number
    When I install 2.6.4 however, this is not the case. My number gets accepted and I get the SMS. However, this SMS does not contain the 3 digit authorisation code, but a message telling my that I use an old version of Whatsapp and that I should upgrade first…
    Then again, any version above 2.6.4 does not work..

  41. Hi,
    I’ve installed the v. 2.6.6, but when i open wa, it says that it could not connect to wa service, its because Whatsapp is now definitly blocked. If you have the v. 2.6.4, you can install that, register and than update the v. 2.6.6 with the Configuration utility tool / iFunbox. Or with whatspad (jailbreak required). But me i dont want to jailbreak my ipod and i haven’t got the v. 2.6.4, any idea?

  42. Hi, I installed the application but when I put my phone number it there this message “impossible connection to the WhatsApp service. Please try again later on”.
    What i need to do?

  43. When I use the iPhone configuration utility, i receive the message “Failed to create an IPC Port: Access is denied.” What do i have to do? It worked fine for me, I filled in my mobile number, and then i got a message on my mobile phone; “Your WhatsApp version is old please upgrade”. So i did. WA didn’t work after the update 2.6.7

  44. Has anyone managed to figure out how to get around the ‘could not connect to whatsapp service’ yet? Please advise!!

  45. I have the same problem. The application is installed but when i enter the phone number i got the message : could not connect to whatsappservice, please try again later.
    Solution ?

  46. I found a solution to the “couldn’t connect to service” message guys…
    Uninstall any whatsapp version yiu have. download and intstall whatsapp v2.6.4 from installous
    Configure your phone number and stuff and you can use whatsapp!
    You can update after this and you won’t face the connection problem

  47. i can install the app(v.2.6.7)on my ipod(ios5) but iIcannot regigister it. When I fill in my phone number it says “Could not connect to Whatsapp service please try again later.” What’s wrong with it? How to fix it?

  48. Is it working on iOS5 with itunes 10.5 as well?

  49. Btw it is a free app on AppStore now. 🙂

  50. same problem: could not connect to whatsappservice, please try again later.

  51. I downloaded it successfully on my iPod touch but I keep on getting the message’could not connect please try again later’ please give a solution ! Thank you 🙂

  52. After installing it on my itouch 4g…i am getting the message could not connect to whatsapp service.try again later…please suggest some idea.thank you

  53. It work on IOS 5, Ipad 2…. wonderfull!!! You can use whatsapp for chat whit Android user

  54. Hi there. I tried your methods. But when I select to add the mobile application folder. They said it’s an incorrect folder or smtg. either way, i couldnt proceed to install anything. any help?

  55. Luigi, is it working on your Ipad? It’s connecting ok?

  56. Hi,

    I am using iPod 4G running on iOS 5. I tried this method with Whatsapp 2.6.7 1 ( latest available in itunes ) and iPhone Configuration Utility 3.4 ( latest from Apple also ). But all it shows is either the error message from iPhone Configuration Utility or that the app itself states, “Could not connect to WhatsApp service. Please try again later. ” Help!

    Thanks in adv!

  57. I have the same problem .It installed fine through ifunbox.But then I get the can not connect to whatsapp retry later message appears in the phone number entering page .I get incoming messages on my notification centre which means my number is already there but I just cant log in .please help .Thanks in advance

  58. Hi
    I have successfully installed Whats app on my iPad 2 IOS5 – but when I open Whatsapp I get the following Error message: Sorry, your device is currently not supported.

    Please advice how I can get it to work.

    Thank you

    ( I have a MBP with Snow Leopard)

  59. Same error of Rheanne.

  60. I using ipad2 3G ios5
    After install what’s app, is say no compatible with the devices.
    Can you help on this?

  61. i installed the iPhone Configuration utility on my windows ,, but when i tried to open it ,, it didn’t open
    i tried several times ,, but it didn’t work any ways 🙁

    can any one tell me why?? and solution plz!!!

  62. I got the same problem,

    I am using iPod 4G running on iOS 5. I tried this method with Whatsapp 2.6.7 1 ( latest available in itunes ) and iPhone Configuration Utility 3.4 ( latest from Apple also ).

    “Could not connect to WhatsApp service. Please try again later. ”

  63. Same problem “Could not connect to WhatsApp service. Please try again later ” 🙁

  64. Hey, Tanks for this Instruction. Unfortunately i get the message that my ipad2 is not supported at this moment when I open the app on the iPad. Any idea? Thanks for your help.

  65. Same problem, correctly installed, but Whatsapp said my iPad2 WiFi is not compatible. I was so excited with the idea of using my iPad for this. Is someone knows how to solve it, please advise. I don’t want to jailbreak my iPad.

  66. Same problem did you have fine a solution ???

  67. i have the same problem did you have fine a solution?

  68. I have the same problem. It was working before , but when I updated my iPod touch to IOS 5 , I got the same error when I start WhatsAPP : “Colud not connect to WhatsApp service. Please try again later”

    I tried installing WhatsAPP ver 2.6.5 , 2.6.6 and 2.6.7 . Each one was installed successfully , but when I start the application I got the same error.

    Please help 🙁

  69. it work again…. after a restoration, finally I can use whatsapp again…. Ipad 2 , IOS 5,, 3g(not activated)

  70. latest version of whatsapp!

    • Luigi,

      How did you install Whatsapp without jailbreaking it on Ipad2 with IOS 5.
      I installed it with Ifun and the whatsapp icon is on my Ipad2, but when I open it it tells me that “device is not supported”

      Help me out mate!



  71. i tried this way to install whatsapp v. 2.6.7 … it is installed to my iphone 3GS ios 5.0.1 … but when I’m getting to start it .. it shutdowns immediately i don’t know what is the problem i hope to find a solution here

  72. does not work on iPad 2 ios 5.
    Error message: Sorry, your device is currently not supported.
    anybody any solutions?

  73. whatsapp will not work on ipod touch or ipad even you install it manually with another software, you will be needing a source such as whatspad to activate and crack whatsapp, so then and again… you need a jailbreak to install whatspad on those devices…

  74. Please help! Ipod Touch 4G iOS5

    I manage to install whatsapp using the ifunbox, but when i open the app, it says:

    “Could not connect to WhatsApp service. Please try again later.”

    Can anyone please help???? Thanks!!!!!!

  75. hey i have the same problem, is it because my number is of a normal cellphone and not a black berry ?

  76. No, you have to jailbreak your idevice then download whatspad via cydia then it Works. Tested with my iPod Touch 4g, iOS 5.0.1, jailbroken.
    Hope i could help 🙂

    • i can’t install says the requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependecies or conflicts that cannot be autmotically found or fixed..

  77. Need help no jailbreak need whatsapp

  78. Need help no jailbreak need whatsapp

  79. I successfully installed (apparently) and then it asks for a phone number. When I enter it, it says “Could not connect to WhatsApp service.” I’m outside the USA, does it matter? What’s going on?

  80. Jinny_aecc says

    It doesnt work for iPad

  81. i successfully installed in my Ipad 2 ISO5, but it shows “Sorry, your device is currently not supported.” how can it be fixed? i dont want to jailbreak it.

  82. it won;t install ): (using ipod 4 gen ios 5)

  83. I’ve attempted installing WhatsApp on my iPad 1, iOS 5.0.1. However, even on successful installation, the pop-up message states that, “Error – Sorry, your device is currently not supported.”
    Kindly advice.

  84. Hassan Humayun says

    I have downloaded and installed v2.6.4. but it doesnt open on ipod 4.

  85. can’t open this program
    iPhone Configuration utility
    why ???

  86. Beltrannicolas says

    I successfully installed the app on my IPad, but, when I got in the app and a have a message telling me my device is not supported, how can I fix that pls

  87. Rahafksa2000 says

    you are mistaken you must jailbreak the iPad because I did try it but the whatsapp keep not working…..

  88. successfully downloaded the app to my ipod 4th gen but the msg “could not connnect to whatsapp service. pls try again later” keep popping out. any solutions pleaseeee i’ve been searching for this for days

  89. an error has appeared saying that hte device is currently not supported

  90. I have a big problem .-. When I open the IPhone Configuration Programm, Whatsapp is NOT on the list, so I can’t even decide if I want to install it! How can I solve this problem? I should have the latest version 🙂

  91. Awesum guys…….dwnld d cydia tweak whatspad…n den reboot it……now go to installous n dwnload d latest versn of whatsapp…………now add ur mobile no n ask fr d code……if u do not recieve d code………do not wry…. it will ask u 2 try agn after 1 hr…….it will surely send u a code den…..n get startd…….:) it is jst flawlessssss

  92. Xx Mz_punctuality Xx says

    i did exactly as you asked and it says sorry your device is currently not supported. i have an ipad 1 with i.os5

  93. ITS WORKING gr8!!! just install whatspad from cydia after jailbreaking

  94. Not Installing =

  95. Syed Ali85 says

    it says sorry your device is not supported

  96. Tried it on my iPad but it says the Application is currently unsupported by your device. What can I do to by pass it?

  97. Wasay26 on twitter says

    Only one question do we have to buy the app or we can install cracked apps ??

  98. does the ipod get slower if you do this

  99. after i click install, a message pops up saying “Could not install apllication. Error: kAMDReciveMessage error” what should i do? 🙁

  100. I have ipod 5.1 and Whatsapp 2.6.9 I successfully got the whatsapp on my ipod but when I punch in my mobile number it says could not connect to whatsapp service please try again later. how did you all fix it?

  101. Tells me doesnt supported device error.

  102. Suresh Mathew says

    Is it possible to install Whatsapp v2.6.10 on the latest iPod touch? I tried it through the mechanism you’ve posted, but it’s doesn’t seem to work. Even though the application gets installed, it doesn’t open up on the iPod touch. What should be done?

  103. How can I locate it if it is not installed on my ipod? I cannot install it on my ipod since it is a paid application..
    I did install iphone Configuration and I am now blocked on the 3rd step..

  104. Dani_rahim says

    it says your device is currently not supported

  105. Himanshu Suryavanshi says

    it works perfectly fine, just install ‘whatspad’ from cydia before doing this, and then install whatsapp from iphone configuraion utility. I use whatsapp daily on my ipod touch 4

  106. I downloaded BBM on my ipod touch using this method and it worked
    very pleased


  1. […] application on device. Error: kAMDRecieveMessageError”In our previous article we have covered how to install whatsapp on your iPod or iPad without jailbreak, but unfortunately many users got kAMDRecieveMessageError. Guys from tried to fix this […]

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