How To Reset Facebook Photo Stream

Facebook had recently made many changes which includes new profile layout,  information about the user on top,tagged pictures are displayed as photo stream. In photo stream you can hide the photo which you don’t want to display by simply clicking the close button on the top right corner in the photo. Now you can also easily reset the photo stream in simple steps.

1. Goto your profile

2. Click edit profile.

Facebook Photo Stream

3. Now goto profile picture

Facebook Photo Stream 1

4. Click Reset Photostream

Facebook Photo Stream 2

Facebook Photo Stream 3

Now all the hidden photos in the stream were restored 🙂 (See the below screen snap)

Facebook Photo Stream 4

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  1. Superb post karty,
    but you can make the screenshot little bit BIG 😀

    — Sudharsan @ Technoskillonline

  2. Detailed tutorial 🙂 very useful tip.

  3. It wasvery helpful but the bottom “reset photostream” doesn’t exist on my profile.
    What can i do now?

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