Huawei WS320 WiFi Repeater / Booster [Review]

First world problems, thats what i would say for the usage of this WiFi repeater. “

Home is too big, WiFi doesnt reach all rooms.”


Huawei W320 looks sleek and trendy, all it needs is a power connection. Unlike a few other repeaters which come with a power cord and a brick, this one is a socket type and sits in the socket. If it fits, i sit.

Huawei WS320 WiFi Repeater  Booster (3)


The setup does not involve any complicated procedures, it has a simple manual that will help you set it up. When you start the repeater for the first time, you need to connect to it using any WiFi device like a laptop or an iPad. I used my iPad and it was done in seconds.

Enter the WiFi details, key in the password and you are good to go.

Huawei WS320 WiFi Repeater  Booster (2)

Range :

The biggest question for a WiFi repeater, what kind of a range does it provide? If you are looking for something that will give you a range equal to your WiFi router, i hate to disappoint you. this will not provide those awesome ranges, but what it will do is, it will extend your WiFi to atleast 2 more rooms.

Put that in numbers, you should have an extra 10 ft radius, which would be more than enough for a standard home setup. Unless your WiFi router is hidden in your basement, this would be more than enough to serve any regular purpose.

Huawei WS320 WiFi Repeater  Booster (1)

Overall :

The verdict is simple, if you want a quick extension, yes you can go for this. If you want something to cover a huge area, this is not your answer.You can order Huawei WS320 from

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