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I was just stumbling through some mp3 download sites. I know what you will say, there is iTunes, but I don’t want DRM crap, I just want to download the MP3s as is, like ripping from a CD, and I saw this site – iomoio.com which offers what I want – DRM free Mp3 music downloads.

The Site has a huge collection of songs to choose from, and the list comprises a lot, I mean, a LOT of artists, totaling the count upto 57,255. I was shocked to see almost everything, including the newest albums from my favorite artists like Linkin Park and Evanescence, heck I could even see A.R.Rahman’s and Anoushka Shankar’s albums there.


Some interesting statistics of the mp3 songs on iomoio.com –

Artsits – 57,255

Albums – 162,075

Tracks – 1,846,241

That is indeed a huge collection of music that is ready for instant download.

You just need an account to login. To create one, is absolutely easy and literally instant with just your email needed. The homepage has a neat spotify-like interface with search (with instant suggestions), and categories such as Artists, Soundtracks, New Albums and coming soon. We are greeted by nice album arts on the homepage which takes us to the respective albums, we have a quick switch to navigate between New Albums and Best Sellers. On the right, we have the USA Top100 songs billboard, UK Top10 albums and Canada Top10 albums.

After you have created an account, it’s time to buy ! You can add money to your account either using your credit/debit card or use gift cards and redeem pin codes that you got from special promos. Or you know, just click a song or album you want, and buy straight away.

Either way, you are getting legal DRM-free music which instantly download mp3 songs. This is what I like about this site/service and the cost is really cheap comparing other DRM-free offerings. Why don’t you check it out and let me know how it goes, in the comments section below.

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