iPhone 5 LTE Could Be EE Exclusive For The UK

Today, Everything Everywhere held a press event to show off their newly licensed LTE network here in the UK. As well as demoing the impressive speeds of the new network (39.57 megabits per second down and 23.95 megabits per second up), the newly rebranded combination of T-Mobile and Orange also announced a number of new handsets that would support the new network.

These included two Nokia Lumia Windows Phone handsets, the 820 and the 920, the latter of which EE has exclusively in the UK for a time. There were also some of the hottest Android flagship handsets, including the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE, HTC One XL and the Huawei Ascend P1 LTE.


Of course, the timing is particularly auspicious for the final member of the mobile OS big three: Apple. With the iPhone 5 scheduled to be announced tomorrow, I now think it is very likely that the iPhone 5 will support LTE high speed networks in the UK. The Wall Street Journal have already reported that the iPhone will support LTE networks worldwide, as well as for American carriers. EE even stated that there were more phones to come soon – and what could have more of an impact and come as soon as the announcement of an LTE-enabled iPhone 5 here in the UK?

If it did occur, then it could be massive for the operator. EE would have a true exclusive, a high speed iPhone 5 that couldn’t be matched by its domestic rivals. With the auctions for the LTE spectrum not occurring until next year, the iPhone 5 could turn around EE’s fortunes and ensure it is the top operator in the UK.

We’ll likely find out for sure when Apple announce their iPhone 5 tomorrow. The press conference starts at 6:00 pm UK time, so definitely tune if you’d be interested in an LTE iPhone 5 in the UK. As well as LTE connectivity, we’re also likely to see a new form factor (that’ll require a new iPhone 5 case) with a 4″ 16:9 aspect ratio display, a new operating system in iOS 6 and probably a boost in processing power and battery size as well. Exciting times!

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