Kinect Hacked To Play Virtual Sex Games

Kinect is a controller free platform for Microsoft Xbox 360 to improve the gaming experience. ThriXXX the adult entertainment compay has hacked the Xbox 360 controller to new sexy approach. This hack for kinect controller allows user to experience Virtual Sex.

Kinect Virtual Sex Game

ThriXXX has hacked the kinect to work with their own virtual sex games. They’ve come up with a way to touch virtual breasts using the Kinect sensor. ThriXXX is planning for full body support, voice commands and even the objects or sex toys to control the interactions in-game and between two participants.

The video demostration of the working progress is available on The software in early alpha stage testing will be released early this year and made available as an option in all games using the thrixxx engine..

Do you own Kinect? Do you really like to try those games? Do share your views!

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  1. Humanity is doomed after this.. LOL


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