Kingston Mobile Wireless – A 3-in-1 device

Have you ever wanted a device that will help you to have a completely wonderful mobile data experience and helps you to charge the device also, and helping you to free up valuable space on your mobile? The Kingston Mobile Wireless is a 3-in-1 device that acts as a Card Reader, Media Streamer and Power Bank charger. The specifications are as follows

  1. Dimensions : 124.8 mm x 59.9 mm x 17.3 mm; weighing only 98 grams
  2. 1,810 mAh battery (up to 5 hours of continuous use)
  3. Connectivity : WiFi 802.11g/n with wireless security (WPA2)
  4. Included in box : USB to microUSB cable
  5. Storage Input : USB and SD – reads SD, SDHC, SDXC and microSD (with included adapter)
  6. File format supported : (Audio) MP3, WAV; (Video) m4V, mp4 (H. 264 video codec); (Image) jpg, tif; (Documents) pdf

Kingston Mobilelite Wireless 1

Some of the important features of the device are as follows

  1. Wireless reader — A reader for smartphones and tablets to free up valuable space, transfer files to your existing SD & USB storage from your mobile device
  2. Supports multiple users — stream up to three different films and/or share data with three different devices at the same time  via WiFi
  3. Battery bank — Emergency charger for your smartphone, using the built-in battery to charge your phone and keep you mobile

For more information on technical specs, device and OS compatibility and more, check out the Kingston Mobile Wireless product page at

Kingston Mobilelite Wireless 2

Hardware Overview

The MobileLite Wireless is small and light – about the size of a laptop power adapter, but lighter at 98 grams. At 17.3 mm thin, the only button available is the Power On/Off button that also toggles the WiFi and Connectivity/ Pairing mode. There are 3 ports in total – the SD card reader on one end, and a full size USB and a micro USB port on the other..

Setting up MobileLite Wireless

First let the gadget charge after you remove it from the box. While the gadget is charging, go ahead and download the Kingston MobileLite app from iOS, Android or Kindle app store.

Kingston Mobilelite Wireless 3

Quick Setup guide when you launch the app the first time

When launching the app the first time, shows you quick setup guide on how to pair, connect and use the MobileLite app with your MobileLite gadget.The manual has in-depth information on how to setup the gadget, as well as basic functions.

Now, that you’re all set, let’s power on and pair the gadget with your smart device! Power On by pressing and holding the Power On/Off button for 3 seconds. Blinking light means ready to connect. There are 3 indicator lights. (L-R) Power On, WiFi connectivity and Web connectivity.

The Kingston MobileLite Wireless connects (or pairs) with your smart device using WiFi connectivity.  Once you connect your smart device with “MobileLite Wireless” on your WiFi networks, that’s it! Your MobileLite Wireless and your smart device are paired!

Backup & Management

Read files from SD card, USB thumb drive or external Hard Disk Drive (HDD). MobileLite Wireless allows you to read and copy files from SD card (via the SD card reader slot), thumb drives or external HDD (via the USB port). MobileLite Wireless becomes a portable card reader that gives you access to all your data, anywhere you are. Once paired, you can use the MobileLite app on your smart device to browse and copy files (pictures, music, video and documents) from your phone or tablet to any connected storage (SD card, thumb drive or hard drive) through the MobileLite Wireless…. and vice versa.

With this MobileLite Wireless gadget, using the installed app, you can easily copy pictures from your phone / tablet to an SD card/ thumb drive / hard drive or from your camera’s SD card to a thumb drive / hard drive or even to your smartphone or tablet to share on social media!

Kingston Mobilelite Wireless 4

Media Streaming

MobileLite Wireless is great for travel. It lets you stream up to three movies from Flash cards and USB Flash drives to three different devices at once. This is really useful when you are travelling in groups and do not have to sacrifice the personal space on your individual devices, this one device makes it really easy and convenient to stream!

The best part is, you can copy a bunch of videos (and pictures or music) on the SD card, Another user can watch one video and you can watch a different video (or listen to music), streaming from the same MobileLite Wireless, at the same time!!! One device, 3 different users, useful and Cool?

Power Bank

In case you’re worried that with the power usage of gadgets and devices these days will drain your battery, and you permanently carry a Power Bank with you everywhere you go, here’s one less item to carry. The MobileLite Wireless also works as a power bank charger. Use MobileLite Wireless to charge your phone or other device. Stay productive and keep the power flowing without having to plug into a wall outlet.There’s an included USB to micro USB cable in the box, which can be plugged into your smartphone or tablet to charge. The included USB to micro USB cable also doubles as a sync or wired connectivity cable.


We can certainly see how we would using this device for our traveling (work or vacations). Specifically, we see this being a handy gadget for:-

  1. Image(s) Backup and Social sharing
  2. Backup pictures from camera to an external HDD to free up space for more images
  3. Copying pictures taken from camera to smartphone for immediate social sharing
  4. Backup pictures from smartphone to external drive
  5. Video Storage and Streaming
  6. One less power bank to carry around, you can always do with more battery juice, especially when traveling
  7. If you’re looking for a device like this, or think that this is a handy gadget that will be useful for you, we suggest you get the Kingston MobileLite Wireless.

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