Leef iBridge Mobile Memory Review

Leef iBridge Mobile memory is a mobile storage solution for iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac/PC. It is a memory storage stick that increases the storage capacity on your iOS device allowing you to transfer photos, music, videos, files and documents. The device consist of both a Lightning connector and USB 2.0 connector that transfers from the Lightning iOS device to Leef iBridge’s own memory. Leef iBridge comes in five storage capacities- 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.


Leef iBridge consist of the micro USB connector at the back. Its body is made of black TPE plastic, silicon and aluminum with a sliding coat that slides forward and backwards to reveal the USB connector at one end and the micro USB connector at the other end. It also covers both sides when not in use. Leef iBridge has a dimension of 63 x 19 x 18mm and weighs only 10g. The device contains a green LED meter that indicates you when the drive is plugged in and power is on.

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Leef iBride transfers data at a speed of 8.6 mbps and reads at a speed of 17.8 mbps. The speeds are variable when connected to phone or pc. The average transfer rate decreases to 4.3MBps on writing and 5.1MBps on reading. The transfer rate is generally good but becomes very slow in case of huge file transfers such as videos.

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  • Copy and move photos to and from Leef iBridge which is a similar function like iOS 8 photos app.
  • File manager allows you to create new folders.
  • Content viewer allows you to view all the content in the device.
  • Play audio and video files directly from iBridge while it is connected to an iOS device.
  • Supported apps are listed on Leef iBridge’s webpage.
  • Leef iBridge camera allows users to take photos directly to the device.

The iBridge outclasses with images so it benefits users to store photos in it. After all everyone needs an external storage so that they don’t need to lose anything from their device. The benefit of using iBridge is it is small and compact and easily carried anywhere in your pocket, unlike the external hard drives. In case your microSD card has less storage you can use iBridge for immediate purpose.

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Leef iBridge comes in five storage capacities and its price varies with it.

16GB- $59.99

32GB- $79.99

64GB- $119.99

128GB- $199.99

256GB- $399.99

So you can see Leef iBridge is a complete storage solution for PC, Mac and iOS devices. While the external hard drives are bulkier and uneasy to carry everywhere, iBridge works with portability. Few reviews say that the device also works with a few Android devices those run on Jelly Bean plus the upgraded OS’s. There are a few compatibility problems with few devices but overall it is a good storage solution for iOS devices. So iPhone or iPad users can opt to buy it as per their requirements. You can order Leef iBridge from mobilefun.co.uk

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