Liquid Metal iPhone 5 Concept Revealed, Looks Amazing

We recently heard that the iPhone 5 might come with a so-called “LiquidMetal” chassis, so an artist has had a look at what such an iPhone cover would look like.

LiquidMetal is the commercial name of a series of amorphous metal alloys originally developed by Caltech. They’re quite advanced metals, offering high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and good anti-wearing characteristics. They’re not liquid at room temperature, sadly.

Liquid Metal iPhone 5 Concept

Apple invested in the company a few years back and currently relies on them for producing the SIM removal tool and batteries, if the rumour mill can be believed. A move to a full body LiquidMetal design was first suggested by,  a Korean publication with a somewhat mixed record, earlier this month.

Liquid Metal iPhone 5 Concept

Artist Antoine Brieux has had a crack at the concept, producing several professional quality images of a LiquidMetal iPhone. The shots include a virtual home key that disappears for full screen applications like movies and games, similar to how soft buttons work on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. That allows for a 720p 4.5″ display, a 10 megapixel camera and a quad-core A6 CPU – all made up specifications, of course.

The shots are rather beautiful to behold, with the iconic iPhone 4 design being molded into a wafer-thin handset that looks a lot more futuristic than the current design. It’s a very cool looking iPhone case, and I truly hope that the reports are correct and we do see this handset revealed in full at the Worldwide Developers Conference this summer.

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