Making Online Donation To Japan? Beware Of Cyber Criminals

Two Weeks ago Japan was hit by massive earthquake and tsunami, the damage at nuclear plant is also making worst situation over there. Lots of people have come forward to donate money to help japan. Many users use online sites to donate for them. There are many scams started in the name of donation to japan, Cyber criminals are taking advantage of this to steal money and your financial records. The sites developed to make donation, these sites are thoroughly checked for security to protect the internet users. McAfee has recently released some sites which are safe to use, users visiting these sites are assured that their financial information and the personal information are protected.

If you are making donations online please be careful. So Share your views!

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  1. Hi Karthikeyan,

    There’s been so many websites out there talking about donations that it’s hard to know how many of them are legit or not. I think at least 20% of the websites i visit daily have some sort of link to donate for Japan.
    Unfortunately this has a negative effect because now i don’t trust any of them, and i’m too afraid to make a donation even though i want to.


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