Say Hello To The HTC Thunderbolt On Verizon

Take a look at that beauty.  Say hello to the HTC Thunderbolt, which will be the first 4G LTE device to land on Verizon after its unveiling next week at CES.  As you can see, it really just looks exactly like the Desire HD, but has Verizon branding and will be 4G capable which means it theoretically […]

Samsung Google Nexus S Vs iPhone 4 Comparison

Hey guys, the much awaited Nexus S had launched recently with new android OS version 2.3 Aka Gingerbread. There is a lot of developments in both hardware and software.Nexus S will be sold unlocked and carrier-free after December 16. Lets see the comparison of Nexus S and iPhone 4   So Share your Views on Nexus […]

Nokia Adds Map Reporter in Ovi Maps

Nokia is one of the Top manufacturer for Mobile Phones. Nokia is very much popular for its Symbian OS. Recently Nokia Ovi Maps has added Map reporter to make their service better. Map reporting helps users to report on various events since the traffic rules are changed at anytime by the governments. You can navigate to map […]

Best Solution for Apple iPhone4 Reception Problem

Everyone knows much awaited Apple’s iPhone 4 has reception problem when you hold it by Antenna band. Every one Giving their own solution for the problem, But Apple officially Says Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of […]

Save Human Life With EPI Life

Cardiac Death is one if the Major Casuse Of Death and Rising These days all over the World , Cardiac Arrest Happens at unexpected time. You cant Always Be in Hospital to Check the Heart Condition, but now it is Easy and you can cheack your heart condition anywere and any place with a New […]