Top 5 Popular Mobile Games

Despite the fact that Smartphones have become multipurpose in these years, there are lots of people who consider Gaming as one of the major stuff they can do with a Smartphone, especially if they do not like sitting in front of a PC and gaming, but wants a portable gaming experience. Obviously, nowadays, manufacturers do […]

Junglee Teenpatti App – A virtual casino-like environment on your smartphone

Junglee games is one of the top programming trend-setters in the business of web and portable recreations. In a short compass of time, Junglee games have risen as the main gaming and programming improvement organization who offers forefront of gaming innovation and programming arrangements.  Get ready to  Download Junglee Teenpatti game on your Android or iOS device. You […]

Swipe Ultimate 3G is now available on Snapdeal

Swipe Telecom is an emerging telecommunication corporation services to diverse cross section of society. This is a maiden venture of tablet solutions in India for Swipe Telecom. Swipe is an innovative pacesetter with a vision to empower INDIA to be one of the top 10 nations in the world in terms of the availability of new tablet […]

Mobile Apps Vs. Websites: Let The Showdown Begin

Trying to make a decision between utilizing the power of a dedicated mobile app versus using a mobile website can be very difficult. Many business owners struggle with this decision and it’s no wonder, as both mediums present distinct advantages and disadvantages. In this last few years mobile apps have taken off and are continuing […]

ASUS Zenphone 5 Review

Asus has launched five smartphones in one shot. The Asus ZenFone 5 looks like the best of the lot, it has a 5” Screen, Androis 4.3, 2GB RAM and the best part is the under 10k price point for the base model. It has an Intel processor, most other phones have Qualcomm or MediaTek processors. […]