One Possibility of Virtual Reality

GamerFace and Oculus Rift are two companies that have developed Virtual Reality, and this progress has gone a long way to making online entertainment as real an experience as possible.

Back in the 90’s all we could expect was an unsatisfying experience with bad graphics, poor audio clips and an all-round miserable time with loss of connection very often ruining our games.

Now we have exceptional graphics, with introductions that are as good as any movie and audio that matches perfectly with games making playing from the comfort of your own home not only enjoyable and entertaining but also so much more accessible.


For those who love to play whenever and wherever they choose, mobile apps are also incredibly more superior as technology advances both in mobile devices and the software those devices use. You can even make deposits using the same information right across all of your mobile devices, which makes playing even simpler, and now we are looking forward again as software advances even more.  So what can we expect from virtual reality when it relates to online entertainment like Foxy Bingo, for instance?

Just imagine that you put on your something that looks rather like an oversized diving mask which covers your eyes completely.  Everything is blacked out from your vision until a screen appears. You can now interact with a game controller, and also your hands.  Everything you will see will just be as any normal bricks and mortar bingo hall.  The layout will be similar with plush surroundings and calming music as you walk forward or about (using the game controller) until you choose to sit at one of the tables.  You will even have the choice to activate the web cam so you can use your own hands.

Once you begin thinking of the possibilities it soon becomes apparent that playing like this is about as close as you are going to get without leaving your home and taking yourself to a bricks and mortar venue.  Connecting virtual reality to a mobile device which uses voice navigation would be amazing and with the easy wireless access, projects are now speeding up.

There has been a great deal of money spent on virtual reality with Oculus Rift being bought by Facebook which has sparked the interest of competitors like Samsung, Sony and Google. Virtual reality has the potential to be one of the biggest pop cultures since TV and sports, and the marketing opportunities are set to be enormous, so being left out in the cold is simply not an option for many companies.

The time is not so far away where we will enjoy our slots, bingo, table games and poker rooms through virtual reality, it has to come, and one day in the not so distant future our experiences will be at its next level.

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