Panasonic Is Looking To Start Selling Its High-Tech Android Phones In Europe And The US

Japanese newspaper Nikkei is reporting that Panasonic’s planned worldwide expansion for its smartphones is going ahead at full speed. The European market will reportedly be the Japanese giant’s first port of call, and will serve as a testing ground for later expansions into the US and other Asian markets such as Korea and China.

Lumix Phone

Panasonic phones aren’t well known outside of their native market, but do include a number of unique features for an Android handset. They’ve got Lumix-branded phones with full-sized optics, as shown in the photos above, with sensors that rival the Motorola RAZR’s Chinese variants, with 13 megapixels on display. Other special features like waterproofing, TV tuning and infrared communication tech are also included.

With such an interesting feature set, Panasonic could carve out a niche in the already crowded Android market. The only known phone at the moment though is the P-07C, a slim Android handset with a 4.3” screen. The phone packs a 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and Gingerbread. There’s also a five megapixel camera, so fairly standard fare compared to some of the other Panasonic handsets.

Lumix Phone Screen

With stated goals of 7.5 million units sold overseas by 2013, this should be a major expansion for the Japanese handset manufacturer over the next year. It’ll be interesting to see which handsets are chosen; hopefully we will see some of these uniquely high-powered camera smartphones!

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