If You Are An Indian User Say Good Bye To Entropay Plastic Cards

After Paypal today Indian entropay users in deep shit after receiving  an Email from Entropay team. Entropay offers virtual and plastic prepaid cards so that you can spend that where your paypal or your debit card is not accepted.

Due to changes in laws and regulations by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), we can no longer offer our plastic MasterCard to users in India.

Unfortunately, these changes require us to cancel your EntroPay Plastic MasterCard effective 17th May 2011.

Please use any remaining funds on your plastic MasterCard before 17th May 2011.

Rest assured, your funds will remain safe during this process and can be easily accessed by logging into your EntroPay account.

Your EntroPay account and virtual Visa card(s) will remain open and will not be affected by the laws and regulations


I am really shocked to see this email, I have linked my entropay plastic card to iTunes, Google checkout and for renewing hosting and domains. This is the worst news for every Indian user after Paypal

Are you Indian Entropay user ? Do Share your views..

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  1. Sushruta says

    I just received this & i feel like killing myself now.I’ve added the Plastic card to Amazon , PayPal , Package Forwarding Service provider Shipito.com everywhere.I will have to just die if this happens. 🙁

    There is NO WAY PayPal , Amazon , eBay & other big sites will accept a VCC provided by Entropay.

    I am in F****** Danger.RBI sucks. 🙁

    • Its wost for us 🙁 Really i also linked the plastic card with amazon, google checkout, iTunes and many services ask for credit card.. the worst thing is RBI is not taking care of US 🙁

  2. did they Ban their Virtual Visa card also??.. I am going to use it for PayPal verification..

  3. Sushruta says

    Can anybody Please confirm if Entropay VCCs work with Amazon or not ? If not then i’m screwed. 🙁 As we can no longer use the Plastic on Amazon then it’s the only way left but i don’t know if Amazon allows using Entropay VCCs on their site.If anyone can shed some light on it , i will be highly obliged & Thankful.

    Thank You.

    • Dude i one asked help desk of Entropay. thy said VCC has some limits compared to Plastic cards. They also said some services accept that, services like iTunes dont accept VCC since the authorization is different in that case 🙁

  4. Sushruta says

    I’m going this way now :- http://www.amitbhawani.com/blog/instant-credit-card-icici-bank/

    Going to ICICI Bank on Monday to open an FD & getting an instant Credit card which i will attach to paypal , Amazon & in all those places where i attached the Entropay Plastic.

    I know this may not be the equivalent of the benefits provided by the Plastic but there is no other way out.

    I would suggest you can also do this by making an FD in either Axis or ICICI.Minimum FD is 20K & you will get an instant CC from both the banks without any Documentations or ID proofs.

    • Its also good way.. Even many banks offer ing instant credit card.. i think some premium debit cards also accepted for making online payments 🙂

  5. Sushruta says

    I have Axis Bank International Debit Card & you may already know that Indian Banks Debit cards are not accepted in PayPal & other International sites.I have not tried adding my Axis Bank in Amazon though but it did not work in PayPal.So, i think an Instant CC is the ideal way to go now.I still hope my Entropay Plastic does not get canceled on 17th. 🙁 Payoneer already shut the door for Indian customs & now Entropay.RBI guys suck. 🙁

    • I too have axis and have titanium rewards card.. checked on iTunes it worked.. renewed my domain in go-daddy it worked where my previous debit card was not accepted …

  6. Sushruta says

    My Plastic is gone. 🙁 Any alternative of Entropay ?

  7. yes everyone can link his paypal account with his entropay VCC.
    i verified my paypal using the entropay VCC.
    and suggest all of you the same.
    can use this vcc every where the visa card is accepted…
    use entropay VCC…
    a best alternative to debit cards…

  8. Sushruta says

    Everyone says PayPal doesn’t like VCCs & they will most likely limit your account as soon as they find out you have used VCC to verify your account. 🙁

    • yes but what you are missing is that paypal accounts can be verified using bank accounts. So here is a solution:

      1) confirm paypal through your bank account. Paypal will make two deposits which you will need to verify
      2) link your Entropay VCC with paypal and your account is not limited
      3) Load entropay VCCs to pay through paypal or otherwise

      Iam using my paypal like this and the only thing verified is my bank account. No problems so far 🙂

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