Review : Android Bluetooth Sound Box with Hands-Free

Looking for portable bluetooth speaker? Then I will suggest this sexy Android Bluetooth soundbox. With this android soundbox you can listen to your favorite tunes. This android speaker is has three advantages, It acts as doll for your computer desk, the android speaker is powered with 2W speaker which produce clear and good sound quality. It has an inbuilt mic which acts handsfree during calls.

The top of the robot can be moved to let you control your tracks, play/pause music, or activate voice-dialling with a simple motion. The head rotates left and right for track changes, volume change. This android robot sound box is powered by inbuilt battery which offers you upto 10 hours of playback ( Check if your Android smartphone is ready to play music for 10 hrs via bluetooth)

Android Bluetooth SoundBox


  • Robot Sound Box speaker
  • Mini USB cable
  • Desk stand
  • Stream your music wirelessly via Bluetooth 3.0 for crystal clarity
  • Small but powerful 2W speaker provides a room-filling sound
  • Robot’s head acts as a control for your phone, letting you change tracks with a twist or pause with a push
  • Integrated microphone lets you handle your calls completely hands-free
  • Built-in battery for use on the go
Android Bluetooth SoundBox
  • Integrated microphone
  • Built-in battery – 10 Hrs playback
  • Awesome design and quality
  • No Multiport
This portable Android soundbox is the best alternate for for music lovers. If your are hunting for good mobile phone speakers you must go for Android Bluetooth Soundbox. Android Bluetooth Soundbox is valued around 32$ which is worth for your money.
If you are having any other Portable Bluetooth speakers or Android Bluetooth speakers, do share your views and experience with us!
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