Review : Dual-Connect Slimline Bluetooth Keyboard And Trackpad

An external keyboard is one of the useful accessory for  portable gadgets like iPhone, iPad and other smart phones. The big reason behind this is you can type with a lot more advantage than the software keyboard which sometimes irritates while typing due to small screen.

Dual-Connect Slimline Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad iPhone

Dual-Connect Slimline Bluetooth Keyboard also comes with track-pad. With the track-pad you can easily perform mouse actions in you connect your bluetooth keyboard to your computer. You can connect upto 2  devices to the keyboard and you can easily switch between them with the help of the keyboard change switch behind the keyboard. Comes with full QWERTY and number keys. The function keys are easy to use and even the music player of the portable gadget or your computer can be controlled using the key predefined keys (Tested with iPhone and Windows 7 PC)

Dual-Connect Slimline Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad - E7


The package of the keyboard comes with

  • Keyboard with case
  • USB Cable
  • Desk Stand for holding your smart Phone or portable gadget

To turn on the keyboard, use the power switch behind the keyboard. Once the keyboard is powered you can pair with your device by pressing the button near DEL key. Now search for the keyboard using your device. A random number is shown to pair, just type those numbers and hit ENTER. The magic happens the keyboard is now connected with your device.

Dual-Connect Slimline Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad


  • Connect to and control up to 2 devices
  • Full QWERTY keyboard with number keys and extensive secondary functions
  • Mouse controller and dedicated mouse keys
  • Small and lightweight design
  • Comes with protective cover
  • Built-in rechargeable battery


  • The Size of the keyboard is like the size of a regular scientific calculator, Little bulk for carrying in pockets
  • Uneasy to type in dark situations

Dual-Connect Slimline Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad - Mouse Cursor


This keyboard is good for your smartphone , laptop or even your PC. This really helps for typing some long articles during the movie. I must say if you are a proud owner of an Apple iDevice you must get his keyboard.  If you are looking for best kindle accessories you can get it. This key keyboard is available in for £35.69 [ 58$] which is reasonable price for this keyboard with trackpad.

We recommend this to hardware fans. If you are owning this keyboard or similar product, Do share your views and your experience

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