Siri Successfully Running On iPhone 3GS [Video]

Apple Inc, Launched iPhone 4S last month with one extra great feature apart from the hardware refresh, its nothing but Siri, A personal assistance. She can read for you, write for you, search the web for you and does many more. Its simply awesome on a mobile phone.

Currently Siri is not available for iPhone 4 and 3GS, but developers and hackers trying to port Siri for the older devices. there is also a rumor that Apple has released a special iOS build for some Apple employees to test Siri on their iPhone 4 

Do read : Hackers Port Siri To iPhone 4, iPod Touch

Here is the tweet from RyanPetrich

Siri on 3G S courtesy of @chpwn and@stroughtonsmith: (working on Activator integration)

Here is the video

As we can see Siri is working fine and also connected with Apple Servers.

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