Spider Podium Universal Desk Stand For Portable Gadgets

Desk stand is one of the most useful gadget for the phone and tablets, with desk stands the productivity can be improved, because you can use it for displaying some useful information next to your work computer. Spider podium for mobiles and tablets is one smart accessory. You can easily take it anywhere and compatible with most all compact handheld devices including smartphones, portable phones, camcorders, portable projectors, compact camera’s, e-readers and more!

Features of spider podium

  • Can be used on your desk, in your car, on your bike and many more
  • Can be moulded into any position to work with any device on any surface
  • Cut outs for chargers
  • Lightweight and compact to make it portable

This Spider podium can be designed and redesigned for almost all the portable gadgets, this spider podium makes a good phone dock, but don’t forget you’ll need an iPad 2 dock for your shiny new ipad.

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