STK 4000mAh Emergency Power Bank [Review]

Years ago we used our mobile phones for making calls, text, few emails and few minutes of web browsing. But today we use smartphone with lots of features like communication, navigation, productivity and entertainment. If we take communication, we are using internet based services a lot than the regular voice and text benefits. We use Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Twitter, and Facebook for voice, video calls and text messages.

On the road, we open our maps app to check the route to safely reach the destination. Apart from that we use out mobile phone for various productive tasks like writing a document and other works. In case of entertainment we prefer Pandora, Spotify, YouTube and mobile games. Apart from these we use our mobile phones for taking pictures and videos.

To perform these tasks we need lots of battery capacity. There are lots of ways to save mobile phone battery power. If we combine every idea it leads to one simple idea i.e. SWITCH OFF YOUR MOBILE PHONE. We cannot simply switch of the phone. We can actually follow some power saving tips, but not all.

STK 4000mAh Emergency Power Bank  – Review

If you are a regular reader, you know that I like to review the battery packs for mobile phones and tablets. Since we use all our work on smartphone my advice is to carry an emergency portable charger. Today I got STK 4000 mAh portable battery charger. This charger is different from others. This charger has inbuilt connectors for USB in, 30 pin and lightning connector for Apple iPhones and Micro USB connector for other mobile devices and accessories.

The charger is small and light weight and looks like a pebble. Apart from the connectors, this charger comes with dedicated power switch and a button to switch the output voltage of the charger between 0.5 Amps and 1 Amps. There is a battery indicator to check the juice left in the battery pack. There is a lid, we have open the lid to access the power switch and connectors. This lid protects the cable from damage. We can also close the lid with the cables out.

We can charge the power bank with the attached USB connector by connecting it to a wall adapter or computer. It takes around 5 hours to fully charge the portable charger itself. The attached cable is good as well as bad. The each cable from the connector is just 2 inch. There is no regular USB OUT port to connect the genuine cables to charge the device. Over all you can manage with this power bank.

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STK 4000mAh Emergency Power Bank – Features

  • 3 different connectors – Lightning, Apple 30 Pin, and microUSB
  • Charge multiple devices
  • 4000 mAh battery capacity
  • Choose between 0.5A and 1.0A outputs
  • Small, light and portable

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STK 4000mAh Emergency Power Bank – UPs

  • 4000 mAh Battery capacity.
  • USB in, Lightning, 30 pin and Micro USB ports.
  • Battery level indicator, Power button.
  • Power Switch between 0.5A  and 1.0 A output.
  • Light weight and portable.

STK 4000mAh Emergency Power Bank – DOWNs

  • All three connectors with small wires.
  • No USB out to connect other devices.
  • Tablet or iPad cannot be charged.

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Overall this charger is best portable charger for its size and portability. Since the charger has its own cable management for different devices we don’t have to carry any extra cables. For $40 this portable STK 4000mAh Emergency Power Bank is value for your money and available in and other major online stores.

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