Android VPN – Solution For Geographic Restrictions

As the world is growing on a fast pace, similarly the technology is also growing on the equal speed. Today, throughout the world people are travelling for various reasons. Some people travel for job, some for tourism while some for fun. Everyone is travelling faster and farther than before. This travelling has made people carry […]

What Android Phones Rival The iPhone?

With the introduction of the new iPhone 5 the Android versus Apple argument has begun to rage.  The battle between Android and iPhone seems to represent a basic ideological divide between lovers of different types of technology and so it’s worth exploring which Android phones stand up as rivals to the somewhat era defining iPhone. […]

Security Applications For Your Android Phones

Bought an Android phone recently? Or are you an Android lover, choosing the ruling operating software over Windows and Apple iOS? If that’s the case then you’re bound to take care of your smart-phone. Not only physically with cases and plastic covers but internally as well, with firewalls and anti-virus programs. As Android gets increasing […]

Four Years And Counting: Android’s Bittersweet Journey To The Top

Isn’t it a little bizarre to think that it has been four years since Google conjured up the SDK 1.0? As Android celebrates its fourth anniversary, not only does one feel that time has flown, but Android’s precipitous evolution in the said time is also pretty staggering. Before the Google announcement, cell phone consumers had […]

3 Best VOIP Apps For Android Users

Staying connected has not been very easy, due to the modern-day smartphone, which is helps us to stay connected with our buddies 24×7. With advancements in the area of communications, mobiles have evolved in how we communicate with others and VoIP is one of the best example. Once we talk about Mobiles gadgets, you’ll probably […]