iZenica, Premium Apple Reseller Plans To Open 8 Stores In India

Apple has many crazy fans in India. iZenica, a premium apple reseller launched its first store at GIP, Noida. This store is packed with all latest apple products. This store is located at the ground floor of the mall and also offers fantastic apple experience. iZenica, also planned to launch 8 new stores, by the end of […]

Apple Micro USB to Lightning Adapter [Review]

Ever felt that you needed to carry your charger anywhere you went? Especially for your iPhone 5 or your iPad Mini which have nothing but a lightning plug? Well carrying a USB to Lightning cable is fine, and even a wall charger is ok, but if you do not have access to a power socket […]

Apple Reveals The iPhone 5: The Ups And Downs Of The Newest Version

There’s been more than enough hype online, and everyone seems to be weighing in and trying to determine exactly what Apple is trying to do with the new iPhone. From the outside appearance, it seems as though not very much has changed, and that could frankly be disappointing to people looking for quite a big […]

Top U.S. Tech Companies Ad Expenses [Infographic]

Advertising is one of the important factor to promote the business. Big giants spends more on creative advertising to create desire and attraction among the people to purchase their product. Advertisement can be made in any method, but it should reach the customer. Last year, U.S. tech company advertisers continued to increase ad and promo spending so […]

How Smartphone & Apps Help In Education ? [Infographic]

Few years back, with mobile phones we can only MAKE CALLS AND SEND TEXT MESSAGE. Later, some improvements are made and few extra features like Radio, MP3, VGA camera were included. In recent days there are lots of innovations in smartphone technology and development like Quality displays, high resolution cameras, large storage capacity, advance communication […]