Apple Files Yet Another Lawsuit Against Samsung

Surprise, surprise. Apple has filed suit against Samsung once again in a German court in Dusseldorf. The patent infringement suit names the Galaxy S II, Galaxy S Plus and eight other Samsung smartphones. Apple has also started another suit against Samsung’s tablets, naming five Samsung tablets in relation to the ruling that banned the Samsung […]

iTunes Activation Servers Down, Don’t Update Your iDevice Now

iTunes is a essential and critical tool for your iOS devices. Today in Apple support forum many users complained that the Apple iTunes update servers are down. This will cause your iOS devices to go blank and not unusable. This inturn needs the support of the Apple Service center to get back your device. Now […]

Turn Your iPhone Into A Wireless Audio Receiver For Your Sound System

When it comes to entertainment iPhone is one smart device to have lots of fun.  Today i found a cool app for my iPhone 4 and its absolutely good and awesome. WiFi2HiFi turns your iPhone, iPod Touch and ipad into a Wireless audio Receiver and plays your favorite music files from your computer. WiFi2HiFi Station […]

Skype for iPhone: Update for iOS 4

Recently the Apple Has Introduced New iPhone 4 and also iOS 4 which is Expected to be Released on June 24th. Apple Has Bought Many Changes In iOS4. The Ultimate VOIP Provider Skype is Working on its update for iPhone and iOS 4 which will support multitasking. Apple introduces a number of changes to the software. […]