Review : Dual-Connect Slimline Bluetooth Keyboard And Trackpad

An external keyboard is one of the useful accessory for  portable gadgets like iPhone, iPad and other smart phones. The big reason behind this is you can type with a lot more advantage than the software keyboard which sometimes irritates while typing due to small screen. Dual-Connect Slimline Bluetooth Keyboard also comes with track-pad. With the track-pad you […]

iPhone Rain – Over 600 Fake iPhones Dropped

Now a days there are  lots of  fake for the best gadgets. Chinese cell phone counterfeiters tried to destroy the evidence of fake iPhone 5 boxes,dropped  out of 18th floor window. According to the local authorities there were over 1000’s of products which includes over 600+ fake iPhones which came with the iPhone 5 package, cases, […]

Send Hand Written Greeting Cards From Your iPhone Using ThankYouPen App

Living Outside US ? Does your loved onces stay in US ? Don’t worry, you can now easily send the hand written greeting cards to your loved ones from your iPhone using ThankYouPen app. The greeting card requested and the message to be delivered is written by real people. All you have to do is […]

iPhone 5 – Complete Rumor Roundup

iPhone 4 one of the best smartphone in the world market. Now its time for iPhone 5, which is expected on June or July. Already lots of rumors are spreading for iPhone 5, new features like 4 inch screen, NFC (Near Field Communication), better quality, A5 Processor  may be included, there may be some changes to design too. […]

Turn Your iPhone Into A Wireless Audio Receiver For Your Sound System

When it comes to entertainment iPhone is one smart device to have lots of fun.  Today i found a cool app for my iPhone 4 and its absolutely good and awesome. WiFi2HiFi turns your iPhone, iPod Touch and ipad into a Wireless audio Receiver and plays your favorite music files from your computer. WiFi2HiFi Station […]