Kingston DataTraveler microDuo OTG Drive

Kingston DataTraveler microDuo is a very useful and thoughtfully designed storage device, plugging into your Android device is now just as simple as using a drive on your PC, and both options fit onto one tiny USB thumb that slips into your pocket. Makes data sharing and transportation extremely easy and convenient. Let us look […]

Kingston Mobile Wireless – A 3-in-1 device

Have you ever wanted a device that will help you to have a completely wonderful mobile data experience and helps you to charge the device also, and helping you to free up valuable space on your mobile? The Kingston Mobile Wireless is a 3-in-1 device that acts as a Card Reader, Media Streamer and Power Bank […]

Kingston SSDNow mS200 Review

The Kingston SSDNow mS200 is an mSATA type SSD. This is targeted at people and companies that build systems, OEMs and storage enthusiasts. This device is smaller than a 2.5” drive. The manufacturer says that the read/write speeds are 550MB/s and 530MB/s. This SSD is completely mSATA compliant. It uses NAND based flash memory, supports […]