Teamwork And Technology

Do you remember when being part of a team used to mean having to find time and a way to meet in person? You’d have to coordinate a bunch of different schedules and commutes. It was a nightmare! No wonder people preferred to work independently! Today, team-based software make up some of the most popular windows downloads on the market.

Team based software is an umbrella term that refers to software (web based and not) that allows people to coordinate efforts remotely. This is software that will allow two or more people to work on a project at the same time no matter where they are. More importantly, it allows cross platform coordination. One user can grab files, data or even use programs located on another team member’s computer—a time saving feature that still freaks some people out.


The most popular of these software programs right now is TeamViewer. TeamViewer’s primary selling point is that users can log in and work together without having to go through any complicated installation processes. As long as both users are logged into the system, they can use each others’ files, work on documents and other project materials, etc. This is true regardless of a user’s firewall or NAT proxy.


Most people think of ODesk as a service that matches freelancers to the clients who are in need of specific services. It does more than that and is finding a fan base outside of the freelance community.

ODesk is another platform of this nature though it focuses more on productivity tracking than file sharing. It’s an incredibly popular program among freelancers (and the clients who utilize freelance services). ODesk allows your clients (or teacher or boss) to see exactly what you’re doing on your computer in real time. It features a time tracker that you can use to “clock in” and track progress on projects. Mostly though it is used to ensure that someone is not billing a client for time that is not spent working on that client’s projects.


You already know that Skype works really well for video, audio and text based conferencing. A free download it is one of the web’s most popular tools for Apple and Windows computer users alike. Among the many different add ons that Skype has made available is a teamwork app. This works much like ODesk and TeamViewer but it is document specific. It allows users to collaborate on a project together and to see changes that are being made in real time. It does not, however, allow for file sharing or the viewing of activities outside of that shared document or session.

One of the best things about living in the future is just how small the world has become. Thanks to programs and apps like these, people can coordinate with each other from all over the world. You don’t have to worry about missing meetings or finding a place to meet that is convenient for every person on a twelve person team, etc. You simply log in and viola! You’re all ready to get to work!

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