Energenie Solargenie Mini Charger Solar Power Bank [Review]

Energenie Solargenie Mini Charger Solar Power Bank is a portable solar charging device that power up your smartphone so that you can use it throughout the day. It is a perfect companion for your smartphone to charge up when it drains a lot of battery at an inappropriate place or on the way where you […]

TP-Link Cloud Camera NC200 [Review]

Today, we are going to review an excellently fast cloud camera, called TP-Link Cloud Camera NC200. NC200 is completely a cloud based camera which is fast yet stable, having a number of incredible features. Cloud Camera is generally used to track the activities of your company employees or house members in order to stay connected […]

The Alienware Alpha PC: Introducing the Ultimate Gaming Machine

Last year, Valve revealed that Steam OS had collaborated with a number of manufacturers to develop console-inspired gaming devices that were easy to operate and featured a standardised control scheme. These initial plans have encountered significant delays, however, to the point where other interested partners have decided to make their own individual move into the […]

Is the AT&T-Verizon Duopoly Indefinite, Inevitable, and Sustainable?

The anti-trust watchdogs at the Department of Justice/the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have an eye on the cell phone industry. For the third straight year in their assessment of the wireless industry, known as the Wireless Competition Report, they were unable to certify that the wireless industry has “effective competition.” The FCC’s Findings The FCC […]

EaseUS Data Recovery

Has it happened to you that you lost data due to a family member deleting it by mistake from your memory card or someone formatting the your USB stick when you lent it to them because they faced some problems using it. And unfortunately you never had any backup of this data on any other […]