Does Technology Influence Our Entertainment Choices?

For many people in the modern world, technology is an ever-present force; if not all powerful then at least all encompassing. Technology can be found in almost all areas of our lives, from how we consume news to how we drink our water. But does technology also influences our entertainment choices, and, if so, how? […]

Skype Group Video Calling is finally FREE For Windows, Mac and xBox One Users

Skype is one of the best VoIP service that exists for long time. Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion. Skype is used by almost everyone. Skype is best for free voice and video call. We can also send voice message and video message for free. With Skype credits or subscriptions we can make long distance […]

Wearable Technology For Parents And Kids

When they’re young, children love building blocks and toy cars but it doesn’t take them long to be asking for a hybrid laptop or the new tablet from Lenovo. Of course, you might not always succumb to their wants but here are some gadgets you might not mind investing in. Smart Onesies If you’ve a […]

For all the Music Lovers- Best Music collection CD to Enjoy

Are you a music lover, but tired of finding pages in internet which claims to offer you the right music track that you have been looking for but not getting it at all. If yes, then don’t worry you are on the right page. Now you can sell or buy the best of the music […]

Choosing Between SAS and Fibre Channel Hard Drives

When you shop for a new piece of storage hardware, learning the basic terminology before evaluating your options can be helpful. For instance, when browsing for a new hard drive, you may initially feel confused by terms like “SAS,” “Fibre Channel” and “SSD.” But once you learn what these terms mean, it becomes easier to […]