The Age of Modular Phones: How would Users Benefit?

While Google has a chequered history when it comes to creating hardware, it continues to strive hard in a bid to remain at the cutting edge of innovation. We may soon be about to see the fruit from its most recent labours, with Google Glass 2 potentially primed for release in the next 12 months.

Google is also working tirelessly on another project, however, and one that has the potential to revolutionise the vast smartphone market. Project Ara is focused on the development, design and eventual release of modular phones, which would enable users to customise and constantly upgrade their handset to suit their purposes.

How would Users benefit from a Modular Phone?

While the potential impact of modular phones would have a considerable impact on Apple and similar mobile brands, however, what precise benefits would they deliver to user?

Cheaper handsets and more Regular Upgrades

If there is one trend that has unified the smartphone market in the last five years, it is the dwindling cost of individual components and hardware. This has had a huge impact on the profit margins of brands such as Apple, although these costs have not necessarily been passed on to individual customers. Modular phones would negate this, however, as rather than investing in costly new handsets on a regular basis users would be able to simply replace faulty components as and when required. This is crucial, especially when you consider that some components wear far quicker than others.

modular phone

Customise your own Unique Smartphone

While traditional feature phones could only make calls and send text messages, even entry-level smartphones now include a wide array of additional tools. Modular phones would therefore enable users to customise a phone that suits their precise needs, whether they need advanced camera hardware to capture high quality images or simply enjoying accessing online bingo sites and require a rapid processor. By prioritising the precise type and quality of components that they need, users can personalise their mobile and get the most from their handset.

Share and Swap-out Components with Those around you 

When individual hardware components fail, you are often forced to forego the use of your smartphone until it is repaired or a replacement is sought. The flexibility and simplicity of modular phones would change this, however, as you could simply swap-out a faulty components for a replacements that has been borrowed from another handset. Even if you had to buy an individual replacement, this would be relatively affordable and it would enable you to ensure that your smartphone quickly became functional once again.

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