The Features Of The New Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Phone

The new and upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with new and exciting features such as a different way to interact with it by allowing you to control the phone with tilting and waving motions. You will still be able to use the improved touch screen, which is more sensitive so you will be able to it while wearing gloves. However, this new feature is sure to grab people’s attention as well. This phone will still be made of a tough polycarbonate, with metallic looking edges. It will be available in black mist and white frost.

Upgraded Hardware

The Galaxy S4 will have upgraded hardware as well to go along with its snazzy new features. Looking a lot like its processor, the Galaxy S3, it actually will have a larger, five inch screen and a body which is slightly thinner. The screen will be a lot crisper as well due to its 1080p, Super AMOLED panel. Inside this phone you’ll find 2GB of RAM with a quad-core processor.


The Camera

Upgraded from an 8-megapixel camera in the S3, the 13-megapixel camera in the S4 is a hardware feature of this phone that will definitely stand out. It will be able to take better and crisper low-light shots, according to Samsung.

You will get a new interface along with features such as a recording mode and a dual shot mode, which will let you combine video and photos from both the front camera and the back camera into one video or shot.

Once you are done taking pictures, you can swipe your finger across the screen as usual to view them, or you can use the new Air Wave feature where you wave your hand over the screen to cycle through your photographs. The software uses a sensor on the front of the Samsung Galaxy S4, and it will also work when browsing the Internet or when accepting a call.

Or, if you don’t want to wave, you can tilt the phone to make it scroll up or down. There is some speculation as to whether or not people will be comfortable using these features on a small device, so only time will tell how popular they become.

Galaxy S4 Blue

Additional Features

Other features you can expect to enjoy on the Samsung Galaxy S4 are things such as S Health, which uses the accelerometer in the phone to track your fitness activity such as the steps you take. You will also find S Translate, which will translate your voice into text and also the remote app which will act as a remote control for your television by using the IR blaster in the phone.

There will sure to be new cases for this phone as well to help protect it and make it all your own.With the new features to this phone it will likely be a popular choice and much wanted upgrade to its predecessor. If you think you will be in line to get the Samsung Galaxy S4 as your next phone, be sure to purchase a new screen protector to go along with it to protect your investment.

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