The Many Marketing Benefits of 0800 Numbers

Ever wondered how you can increase your sales enquiries and advertising response rates? 0800 numbers could be the answer. If you are currently using a premium rate number for all enquiries you could be losing customers in their droves. Why? Well, nobody truly likes having to pay to deal with a business especially when long wait times are involved. With 0800 numbers you tell your customers that you care about their call and that you don’t believe in them paying extortionate rates.

Boost Your Sales Campaign Response Rates

Did you know that industry statistics show that a 0800 number can increase response rates by up to 70%? That could equate to hundreds and even thousands more customers every year. And the best thing is that because you can choose a different 0800 number for each of your campaigns, your statistics are easily measureable. When statistics are measurable you can easily identify strengths and weaknesses and make tweaks where necessary to your marketing methods.


Portable Numbers for Life

Another great benefit of 0800 numbers is that they follow your business. If your business is a few years old you may already have been affected by the various number changes imposed upon businesses up and down the country. With an 0800 number, your number is protected and always stays the same regardless of whether you move offices, location or a national ‘Big Number Change’ event occurs again. This means no drop in service for customers and no expensive changes to your stationery, van livery or website.

You can also view 0800 numbers online and choose one that best suits your business. Want to match the digits in your regular business number? This may be possible or you might want to choose a very memorable number such as 0800 111222 – this one is no doubt taken, but you get the idea!

A Wide Range of Additional Services

At Telecoms World we give you access to these services and so much more. Itemised billing, number redirects and call redistribution are just some of the additional services you can tap into. With competition rife between businesses, can you really afford not to consider 0800 numbers?

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