The New iPad (3rd Gen) Retail Units Tested: 1 GB of RAM Confirmed

Various outfits all over the world are beginning to get their hands on iPad 3 retail units ahead of the launch next week. These releases have been shedding some light on some details which haven’t before been officially confirmed by Apple, through running the popularGeekbench benchmarking software.

The Geekbench benchmark screenshots confirm that the new iPad comes with 1 GB of RAM, double that of the iPad 2 and quadruple that of the original iPad.

Probably the most interesting is the new iPad’s benchmarked performance. The new iPad received 756 points on the Geekbench benchmarking suite, which is similar to the iPad 2’s scores (mid 700s) but way beyond the iPad 1 (400s). That confirms that the iPad 2 A5X processor is clocked at the same speed as the iPad 2, with the only real upgrade being in the ‘quad-core graphics’ (which aren’t part of the benchmark.) It’ll be interesting to see if any graphical benchmarks are released before the iPad 3 launches, as this’ll be where we could expect to see some significant improvements.

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