Tips For Managing Reader Feedback

There is a huge enterprise concept called crm – customer relationship management. This relates to how a company, a product company, manages its relations with its customers, the consumers of that product. And now, coming to blogging, your customer is the reader and there are certain ways to manage the feedback that you receive from them. I have some tips regarding this, read on.


Tip no. 1- Reply to all kinds of feedback. 

Ok, yeah, I do know that you take pains to reply to each and every form of feedback you get for your blog, but always remember to at least reply. I mean, even to negative forms of feedback like hate. Reason it out and makes yourselves comfortable with that feedback.

Tip no. 2, making feedback easier. 

Reader feedback is extremely important for any writer, so, make sure that, if the reader wants to provide some feedback, it should be as easy as eating a piece of cake. Make comments easy enough for even the anonymous reader, have a well designed contact page with all forms of contact like e-mail, contact forms.. etc.

Tip no. 3, Communicate the feedback.

As I mentioned above, feedback is hard to come by, and it is really valuable. So, when a feedback is received, please acknowledge it and send a reply. Also, do note that automated replies are easy to recognize, for any user.

Tip no. 4, Act on the feedback.

This is the final tip and it is obvious. One way feeback is a roadblock for improvement, so one needs to respond as well as act on it. That’s the only way to build user trust and improve yourself.

So, these are my humble tips for managing reader feedback and improve your communication as well as your blog. Sound off below, if you have more tips regarding customer feedback coming from your experience!

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