12 Ways Millennials Can Use Technology to Advance Their Careers

If you’re a member of the new generation of millennials, meaning that you were born between 1980 and 2000, you’re probably at an age where you’re beginning to think seriously about your future, particularly in relation to your finances. While some of you may already be climbing the career ladder, others may be seeking ways […]

Your Camera Phone, It’s Not Just For Selfies Anymore

I have a confession to make: I own a selfie stick. To get a decent picture that includes myself, a few friends, and a scenic backdrop, you need to get at least 6’ away. Neither of my arms are 6’ long. I’m not entirely sure how it came to be that using this helpful device […]

How the Internet is Helping Activists to Further Their Causes

The Internet has become a mecca for those who want to share information about causes that are important to them. Whether you support animal welfare or want to raise money for cancer research, you can reach millions of people without having to trek around going door-to-door with flyers. Social Media Social media is one of […]

Why Watching Television is Good For You

Many people engage in watching television in order to lead healthy and happy lives. Truthfully, they balance out their busy daily schedules with a little relaxation time in front of the tube. Contrary to popular opinion, spending time watching shows and movies on television can be a good thing. For example, watching TV can lead […]

Cell Phone Parental Control Apps: Making Your Kid a Responsible Digital Citizen

Teaching the importance of manners and to behave well in social settings is nothing new for the parents. But we parents hardly pay attention to the online manners for our children. They need to learn etiquettes no matter they are socializing in their real life or connecting with the world digitally. If you are clueless […]