Top 5 iPad Mini accessories

Today we’ll be looking at the top 5 iPad Mini accessories that should be ready for the tablet’s release this Friday. Let’s get right into these essential accessories!

5. Tech21 Impact Snap with Cover for iPad Mini

The Tech21 Impact Snap Case with Cover is a great protective option for the iPad Mini. With its unique D30 advanced material, it provides excellent protection from knocks and falls, and the full coverage granted by the front cover is vital in ensuring that your iPad Mini doesn’t get scratched to pieces. The D30 material is really interesting stuff; it is as soft as silly putty in your hand, but when you smack it with a hammer (helpfully provided by Tech 21) it becomes super rigid. It makes for a great demo (with the pitchman literally throwing his iPad across the room or over his shoulder), and it works just as well in the real world.

4. MFX Screen Protector for iPad Mini

Screen protectors are essential protection for all manner of smartphones and tablets, with the plastic sheeting providing invisible but long-lasting protection against scratches and scuffs. You get five screen protectors in this pack, and that should be enough for multiple applications due to either failed installation attempts or as replacements as the screen protector takes the hit instead of your screen. The MFX brand is fairly well known, ensuring that you’ll get screen protectors of adequate quality that will fit the iPad Mini precisely.

3. Arkon Deluxe Universal Tablet Headrest Mount

This Arkon headrest mount allows you to keep your iPad Mini in a convenient position in your car, to be used by your passengers. Instead of paying hundreds for a complicated and limited in-car entertainment system, just grab this tablet headrest mount and put your iPad Mini inside – instant in-car entertainment that can be loaded up with a massive amount of apps, games, film and TV.

2. Griffin PowerJolt SE Coiled Lightning Car Charger

This iPad Mini car charger is a bit different than what we’ve seen before – it’s a native Lightning unit instead of making the conversion via an adapter. That means it’s still some time from release, but it should be well worth it once it arrives. The Griffin provides enough power to charge the iPad Mini, iPad fourth generation, new model iPods and of course the iPhone 5 as well. If it’s got a Lightning adapter, this should be able to charge it.

1. Melkco Slimme Premium

For all the crappy iPad Mini covers on the market, there’s a few cases that just seem to get everything right. One of these is the Melkco Slimme Premium Leather Case, which provides a black high-quality leather construction with similar functionality to Apple’s smart cover. That means it can fold up into a triangular prism to serve as a stand for typing or watching, as well as the obvious function of covering the screen to prevent damage to it. Overall, a fine case for a more civilised age.

Some of the accessories that are available for the iPad or the iPad mini can really improve your movie experience. One example would be the cover which is able to fold into a mini stand so your iPad can be used as a TV. If you are looking to watch tv or movies online then make sure you have a look into Now tv or any other movie services which are available.


This is the end of the line. We’ve seen five essential iPad Mini accessories so far; hopefully they’ll have been to your liking. If you have any questions or comments please share them below. Thanks and have a great day!

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