Top 5 Nokia Lumia 920 Accessories

Today we’ll be looking at five of the most essential accessories for the Nokia Lumia 920. Ready, get set, go!

5. Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder

Although this Lumia 920 car charger is more expensive than others on the market, it offers much higher ease of use than its competitors thanks to its use of wireless charging technology. And despite being wireless, this car holder still charges fast enough to ensure that your Lumia 920 remains topped up even during complex tasks like satellite navigation.


4. Case-Mate Tough Case for the Nokia Lumia 920

If you’ve chosen the Nokia Lumia 920, you’ve already resolved to have a phone that’s heavier on average. That means chances are good that you won’t mind a little extra padding, in order to ensure optimum protection for your new investment. The Case-Mate Tough Case is the ideal high-protection solution, ensuring resistance against screen cracks, scratches and even strong impacts.


3. Nokia Lumia 920 Case Compatible Charging Dock

There are a lot of Nokia chargers on the market, but none are more perfect for the Lumia 920 than this case-compatible charging dock. With this, you can keep your Lumia 920 in a perfect position to view incoming calls and texts, as well as browse the web or play games with ease.


2. PDair Leather Flip Case for Nokia Lumia 920

There’s no material more professional looking than genuine leather, and this PDair flip case has it in spades. This provides a thick but classy look for your phone, ensuring that your Lumia 920 won’t look out of place in the boardroom or the bedroom, no matter its colour. With hand stitching and a magnetic clasp, every detail is precisely engineered for optimum style.


1. Nokia Lumia 920 Wireless Charging Plate

This wireless charging plate allows you to make use of the Lumia 920’s built-in magnetic induction wireless charging. The plate charges your phone as soon as the Lumia 920 is placed on top, without needing to connect up any wires. Charging stops as soon as the Lumia 920 is full. The best part of these wireless chargers for the Lumia 920 is that they come in colours as diverse as the Lumia itself – no matter what colour your handset, you’ll find a matching accessory. Or choose a different colour to get an even more custom combination!



That’s all we have time for – thanks for reading and be sure to have a good day! If you’ve got questions about any of these Nokia accessories, be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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