Top 5 Reasons To Use VPN

VPNs or virtual private networks are being used a lot these days. VPNs are very beneficial if used properly. Maximum users of VPNs hail from countries like UAE, China, Iran and USA. Countries like UAE, Iran and China use VPNs generally for accessing the geographically censored sites. We have heard a lot of time, Google is banned in China. So, to tackle such situations people rely on VPN services. While in countries like USA, people use VPNs to remain anonymous on web, because if they will remain anonymous they can do anything without being caught. The reason why hackers rely on them is because they don’t store logs. Now let us see what are some other benefits of VPNs.


Secure Transfers

Yes, this is very true. When you transfer data from your internet connection it flows through a completely unsecured channel. This makes it vulnerable of getting hacked by hackers. Here, VPNs comes in action. VPNs have amazingly secured channels.VPN channels are so secured that even hacking professionals finds them hard to crack. So, start using VPNs from today because I know you don’t want your Facebook passwords, credit card credentials and other things to get into wrong hands.

Un-Censored World

If you are using virtual private network then you can easily float around the web without being noticed. Virtual private networks change your original IP address to another IP address which is generally located in European countries like UK, France or even in USA. And IPs of these countries are stopped at almost negligible sites so you can use VPN if you are living in a country where Facebook, Twitter or Google is banned and surf the restricted sites without getting into trouble.

Surf Geographically Restricted Sites

I have already mentioned that virtual private networks change our original IP to a fake IP which is generally from countries like UK, USA, France etc. Surfing the web using IPs from these countries make you a sort of resident of that country but an online one. Being an online resident country of a place like USA, UK etc you can easily surf the geographically restricted websites. For example Zattoo, an online TV streaming site, is available in countries like USA and UK, so if you are using IP of one of these countries then you can surf the site freely and save a hell lot of money.

Secured Wi-Fi

Nowadays, almost all the colleges, malls, cafes etc are Wi-Fi enabled. In places like these, tons of people simultaneously use the internet using the same Wi-Fi connection without thinking whether it will be safe to login, transfer money etc on a public Wi-Fi! It’s completely unsecure. Hackers can easily penetrate into public Wi-Fi connection and steal any sort of information they want. But if you are having a VPN connection and using public Wi-Fi then you better don’t worry because VPNs are extremely secured and cannot be easily penetrated.

Remain Anonymous

This is another great use of using VPNs. We can use VPNs to remain anonymous on web. Hackers use VPNs mainly for this purpose but nowadays VPNs have secured their web servers and it’s almost next to impossible for hackers to hack using VPNs until and unless VPN webmasters intentionally allow them to do so. People still think that VPNs are used only by hackers, so please change the way we think. Anyone can use VPNs for his/her benefit.

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