Top 8 Best iPhone Games – October 2012

Take a look at our new list of top 8 best iPhone games that allow you to enjoy every moment of journey. With iPhone 5 sales touching over 7 million devices, and now we are talking about some of the best iPhone games.

If you’re a proud owner of iPod or iPhone, then you must know that there are thousands of wonderful games in the App Stores.The top best iPhone games will give you an idea of what to look for, and what to ignore.Not only highly-priced games are the driving forces behind the success of Apple gaming, but also the low priced ones are hitting the road with finding the charms amongst the dross. I’ve compared Tablet vs Laptops, which might help you to know the truths and I’ll be coming with some other better comparisons between Smart Phones and PCs.


Currently, I’m having iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 with me, and all the applications of iPhone 4S as compatible with iPhone 5, but still the screen margin for some apps and games doesn’t work well with iPhone 5. I’m hoping for the immediate updates of these applications along with some other enhancements. Using some applications on our iPhone we are create a hotspot that hosts the Wireless broadband allowing us to use our data network on other devices. So, using these applications we can host multi-player Smartphone games without any hassle.


It is one of the best iPhone games with a pretty simple concept, but has various levels of difficulty.

This is all about controlling a frog that leaps from one little pad to another; you just have to control the frog from falling into the pond. It’s not that easy as thelily-pad continues to roll from one direction to another.

#2.Godfinger All-Stars

Yet another good game that allows you to be a God of all stars in a small planet; the main goal of this game to build a beautiful and sweet planet with lot of followers.With the help of touch controls, you can get as many followers as you wish. Its efficient control scheme makes Godfinger All-Stars one of the top iPhone games.

#3.Pocket Frogs

This free game app is made by Dizzypad makers; the main difference between this and Dizzypad is that the pocket game focuses on collecting the frogs unlike arcade-style of game play. It is possible to collect more than 10,000 different types of frogs.

#4.Lil’s Pirates

It is a perfect game for you if you want to experience the feel of being a sea pirate.You can build the finest ship of your choice and also can become the captain of your own pirate vessel throughout the enthralling journey.

#5.Texas Poker

You might have played with several poker games available in the iPhone, but this game surpasses them in every possible measurable way.

It allows you to test skills with real people, offering many exciting poker actions for players of all levels. It is one of the top notch games for 2011 due to its rich features.

#6.Waterside Extreme

If you want to experience the feel of turns and twists of great waterslide, then Waterside Extreme makes you feel the thrills of high rush of water sport.

There are 9 stages to cross the slides and to get more points.

#7.Paper Toss

It has more than 100 features that add lot of fun and excitement, including innovative flick control, high-end graphics, mobile ads, animated papers, and many more.

We would say this is one of the best free games that aim to improve your gaming experience on the iPhone.


It is one of the evergreen games that is a good entertainment for people of all age groups as it has pleased millions of players worldwide.

Including these applications, there are many other games that provides you as well as addicts you by making you to keep on playing them every day.

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