Wearable Technology For Parents And Kids

When they’re young, children love building blocks and toy cars but it doesn’t take them long to be asking for a hybrid laptop or the new tablet from Lenovo. Of course, you might not always succumb to their wants but here are some gadgets you might not mind investing in.

Smart Onesies

If you’ve a baby in the house it can be hard to relax, particularly if you go out for the night or they’re taking a nap in a different room. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) has made many parents that bit more anxious, which could explain why Intel unleashed a range of Smart Onesies at this year’s International Consumer Electronics show In Nevada. These clever sleep suits monitor the health of your child and send regular updates to the smart device of your choice meaning you can always keep tabs on your little one’s movements, respiratory patterns and temperature.

Sen.se’s Mother

The mastermind of French company Sen.se, Mother is a home management system that will help you keep track of your brood. That’s right, thanks to a clever Mother hub and numerous Motion Cookie sensors that can be applied almost anywhere you’ll always know what’s going on under your roof! Each sensor feeds back information to the hub which is then passed onto your phone or tablet in a fun storybook format, so whether you want to know the temperature of your child’s bedroom or how well they’re brushing their teeth – now you can.

Wearable Technology For Parents And Kids


With child obesity proving quite a problem of late, it’s important to keep your youngsters moving – but how can you make exercise fun? Well, with Sqord – a child-friendly activity tracker, which can be worn on the wrist – your little monkeys can create their own PowerMe character and earn points from walking, running and enjoying themselves. They’ll be constantly rewarded for their activities and encouraged to keep up the good work. Thanks to a unique Sqord SyncStation, they can even interact with their friends and classmates or go head-to-head with their siblings in the back garden.


If you want to let your child explore the world but can’t help worry when they’re out of your sight, FiLip could be just what you need. A world-first device designed to calm the nerves of parents everywhere, it’s a wearable phone that’s been tailored to keep kids safe while looking cool at the same time. Adults can pre-authorise five numbers which their child can call at any time and any of those five contacts can also call the child if necessary. It also uses GPS, GSM cell tower location and Wi-Fi hotspots to identify the location of your child. What’s more, parents can set Safe Zones and will receive notifications if the child passes beyond a safe boundary.

So it seems technology and children can mix, you’ve just got to find the right devices.

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