uCoz – Free And Easy Website Builder

Like yet another day, I was looking for a free website builder for my friend who is into the Marine engineering niche. So, how to create a website in a niche with blog, forum.. etc ? Initially I suggested him WordPress, but free WordPress.com offers only a blog style website, but my friend wanted to create […]

InterFAX – The Best Fax Exchange Service Online

InterFAX is one such online faxing service which has this fax exchange, which allows you to send and receive faxes directly within your Microsoft Exchange or Outlook email box. But to understand this, you need to know some general funda about Internet faxing. Internet faxing, “e-Fax” or “online faxing” is a general term which refers […]

Spice Up Your Digital Photos In Two Clicks

Not sure what to do with the tons of digital photos laying around in your virtual shoebox? Enter Picfull.com, a website where you can edit your photos with different filters, completely online. The whole process is being kept as simple as possible: Choose a photo from your computer to work with. Now, choose one of […]

Five Innovations Shaping Photography and Web Design

Do you remember when we used to purchase expensive equipment in order to take quality photographs? This usually involved an expensive camera, rolls of quality film, a tripod, and many trips to the local pharmacy in order to get the film developed. Everything was a time and money consuming experience, which turned a lot of […]

DepositPhotos – A Huge Photo Stock Market

Depositphotos is a new service allowing you to purchase and download a ton of stock photos, vectors and illustrations. The image gallery is vast and divided into 36 categories, making browsing through them really easy. Stock Illustrations are more than 500,000 in number and come in various sizes and abstract categories. Right from World maps, […]