What Android Phones Rival The iPhone?

With the introduction of the new iPhone 5 the Android versus Apple argument has begun to rage.  The battle between Android and iPhone seems to represent a basic ideological divide between lovers of different types of technology and so it’s worth exploring which Android phones stand up as rivals to the somewhat era defining iPhone.

The brunt of modern consumers seem more and more locked in to the iPhone series of mobiles, and for good reason.  Anyone that’s used an iPhone will testify that it has one of the most intuitive, responsive interfaces you could wish to use.  Touching, dragging and scrolling feels as natural as scrolling a real environment whereas on other phones you can feel a shade removed.

Products like the Samsung Galaxy S3, Sony Xperia T and the HTC One X have now emerged to give us the type of super-fast Android interfaces that make them all genuinely credible alternatives and hard to turn down due to the great offers on contract phones such as these.

The factor that gives all of the phones mentioned above a marketing edge is the size of their displays.  Many thought the new iPhone would be released with a 5 inch dis
play, mirroring the drive towards phones that act as gaming, social networking and multi-media hubs.  Arguably things like net browsing and gaming can only be done effectively on a larger screen – Apple has answered this need with the iPad, seemingly reluctant to bridge the phone and the tablet.  Many would say a 4 inch screen is ample on a phone anyway.

The iPhone’s Android rivals have consistently opted for larger screens: Sony Xperia T (4.6 Inch), Samsung Galaxy S3 (4.8 inch), LG Optimus 4X (4.7 inch) and HTC One X (4.7 inch).  The modern era has led us to ask, just what it is that makes a phone and a tablet differ?  Should a phone and a tablet have distinct screen differences due to their inherently differing functionalities?

The battle between the iPhone and its Android rivals is intriguing, and it seems to be asking and defining the era’s important technological questions.

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