Will The iPad Mini Make A Huge Splash?

Even though the iPhone 5 just came out, there is already a lot of talk and hype around the rumored iPad Mini. What is most surprising so far is that Apple is even putting out a smaller tablet, was Steve Jobs critique of smaller tablets, once calling them dead on arrival. But sure enough, Apple is increasing its market share by getting into the mini tablet game. Much like the release of anything Apple, the rumor mill is already spinning on what to expect from a new Apple release. With the rise of tablets and mobile technology, there is a good chance that this new innovation will greatly impact the consumer market.

iPad Mini

So what is making all the hype over the mini rise? There is no surprise really, mainly because tablets have become all the rage, and having a new option in the product line should do well with consumers. Tablets have already become greatly mobile and useful, and with the rise of media apps like Netflix and other television providers’ apps, tablets have become huge forms of entertainment, and adds to the increasing popularity of tablets. While Apple has been holding out on the market for smaller tablets, it is pretty clear that the industry giant should make a huge impact.

So why is Apple deciding to release it so closely to its just released iPhone 5? One would think that Apple would want to take some time in between big product releases. However, Apple is still wanting to establish itself as THE industry leader, so it is pertinent for them to keep up with its competitors like Samsung. Also, with the well received release of the new iPhone, and the ensuing sell out, the iPad Mini is sure to be just as popular as the smart phone.

Apple also needs to stay on top of its game and as relevant as possible as iOS continues it app race domination over Android. The more apps that Apple can facilitate in developing, the more relevant their products become. On the flipside of that, the more products Apple can put out, more mobile developers will want to work on Apple’s platform. If those developers see how quickly and efficiently Apple is putting out mobile products, than they will decide to stick with the iOS platform, adding to Apple’s dominance.

There are also rumors out there already that Apple plans on there being another shortage of iPad Minis when they are released. This solidifies that Apple is an industry giant, but it also shows how huge and competitive the mobile market is getting. So, while the Apple iPad Mini might still be some time off from its release, there is no surprise to why there is so much hype around the product. Apple will continue to take a bite out of the mobile market, both with app development and products offered and sold. While Apple’s founder Jobs might have thought that smaller tablets have no place in the market, the hype around Apple’s upcoming release seems to be disproving that idea.

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