Witnessing The Future Of E-Commerce

Electronic commerce, well known as Ecommerce is becoming the gold standard for retail shopping on the Internet these days. It has become so popular that there are so many sites that have popped up and some have become rage hits too.

In India, sites like Flipkart, Myntra etc have not only mimicked the global leader Amazon’s business model, but even its success. I mean, they are huge in the society now, people are aware and they are starting to buy everything that is available on the Ecommerce sites now. And not only that, the space is rapidly expanding thanks to the phenomenon called mobile internet.


Mobile internet in developing countries has far outnumbered traditional internet connections. All thanks to the burgeoning smartphone market share all over the world. People are rapidly accepting the value of these things called “Apps” which let them buy stuff on the go, with a very convenient way of payments too.

So, with ecommerce flourishing, and mcommerce helping it move up, what is exactly the future? I personally think a way to create your own Ecommerce software is a step in the right direction. Take for example, you have a clothing store and you are willing to sell them online. The first thing you need to do is set up an online shop using some platform. There are many platforms that you can use, and one of them is shopify.

Shopify is a solution provider for exactly these kinds of customers, who want to start their own Ecommerce software, meaning am online store outlet for their products. Shopify provides the user everything they need for setting up shop on the Internet. There is a small video that explains what Shopify does-

You get everything from design templates to credit card solutions that let you sell to people outside your country.
Let us rewind back a bit and see why I am showing you this. We were talking about the future of Ecommerce. But we never acknowledged that the future IS Ecommerce, meaning the future of the retail industry IS Ecommerce. So, if that is the case, inevitably, even mcommerce will start to flourish because of the fact that it is based solely on Ecommerce.

So, it is in plain sight that Ecommerce is the future of retail and the future of Ecommerce itself is looking bright with solutions like Shopify. So, if you are a product company looking for a good Ecommerce software, it’s time to stop waiting, and start acting.

Also, I would like to know what you think of the Ecommerce situation in your locality/country. Sound them off in the comments section below to let us know what you think. That is all for now.

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