Yottabyte [InfoGraphic]

The Storage Space in important in any field, the old, current and upcoming records are to be stored safely for future reference. Now  a days every were computers are used, from small shops to space . All records are stored in Hard Disks for reference. Few years back the stranded  storage  space of Hard disk is Maintained around 20 – 40 GB. But now the the average storage space of a hard disk used in PC is around 500GB to 1TB. what an increase? what will be in future ?

Below is the Info-graphic..

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  1. Well, Karthik…that is simply amazing. We have gigabyte storage today and I thought it was enough. But OMG !!

  2. Whoa!!!! thats amazing !!! 😀

  3. Yottabyte for future storage , amazing 🙂 . Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks your article, lets me study many.

  5. Nice article! Amazing how quickly these things move – the infographic shows that to buy enough hard drives to provide 1 Yottabyte of data would cost more than the Earth’s entire GDP, so even if we all joined together we would not be able to afford it. 🙁

    BUT… that was in 2008, today you can buy a 1 TB hard disk for $50 or less, half the price quoted. So yes, now we can buy 1 Yottabyte of data woohoo!

    So here’s the plan: everyone send me all their money, I’ll keep hold of it until I’ve got it all, then I’ll put in an order for the hard disks. OK?


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