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Latest reports show that mobile users are now in the majority, percentage wise, compared to those that use their computers when it comes to being social.  When you consider this it really isn’t so much of a surprise since our mobiles have now become an integral part of our lives.

This definitely is the age of the mobile with Smartphones providing us with the ability to complete numerous tasks and take advantage of being to able to browse basically at anytime or at any destination as long as there is an internet connection (no counting those apps that don’t need Wi-Fi)

Take a look through any café window and you will see the vast majority of people either using or sitting with their phone on the table, sometime to the detriment of the person sitting opposite them!  It really is odd how people can ignore the person with them in favour of chatting with someone over the other end of the country, or the other end of the world for that matter.

Personally I do try not to do that, although hands up, I do check for texts or updates on facebook and the other social media networks I use.  The way we have come to rely on our Smartphones in only one decade is amazing.

There is no other portable device where you can play on your favourite  game, or carry out your banking on the go. You can  browse, shop and pay for goods and services, and monitor your health.  My own personal favourite is keeping  up to date with friends and family, plus I enjoy the odd bingo bonus as I am a bingo addict!  I really enjoy a  laugh with friends online, whilst catching up with all the latest gossip.

2017 marks Apple’s ten year anniversary and people are expecting something pretty special from the company.  There has already been an incredible amount of rumour, hype and ‘leaked’ photo’s about the new releases.  As the excitement ramps up another notch or two expectations are riding high.

Now for those who do not own a Smartphone this excitement may be described as a little over the top, but if you are a Smartphone user it’s quite normal. Simply put, Smartphones and their apps are addictive. They provide what so many of us need in today’s busy society, and that is portable, advanced technology accessible when and where we require it.

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