3 Major Reasons Why Wireless Broadband Internet Is Not For You!

The world is changing fast and everybody is starting to talk about the importance of a wireless future. In fact, a lot of people think it might be a smart decision for everyone to be using a wireless internet connection right away, but I have a different opinion.

While I think the wireless broadband technology is a great technology that will have a major influence on the future of the internet I also think it is a smart idea to think it out before deciding to go for one or not. The reality is simple, the wireless internet technology is not for everybody, and this article will be explaining why.


You’re a Big Company that Deals with a lot of Confidential Info

Everybody believes that it is even big companies that should be spending more money into building great wireless network infrastructures but I beg to differ. Why go through all that stress for your company when a super smart hacker can bring out your network whenever he pleases? If you run a company that cannot survive the risk of being exposed to someone who is not supposed to have access to your confidential details then you might want to consider wired internet thoroughly. That will make it difficult for anybody to hack your computer because they only way they will be able to connect to your network is by using any of your computers, and fortunately enough, those computers won’t have any hacking tools installed.

Some big companies also want to allow outsiders to connect wirelessly to their network but I think that shouldn’t affect you in any way. You can easily have two network services – one for the public and one for your staffs. No matter what, make sure you are always prepared for what will happen and ensure you are not too reliant on wireless internet services.

You’re an Individual who is Not that Tech Savvy

Another factor you might want to consider before deciding to go for a wireless internet connection service is if you are tech savvy or not. The reason for this is that if you are tech savvy you can easily take the right measures to prevent your computer and network from being hacked wirelessly but if you are not tech savvy you might need to start learning the ropes. If you are not ready to invest your time into learning the process of securing your wireless network or if you want a more convenient way to access the internet securely then you might want to give connecting to the internet in a wired way a thought.

You Really Don’t Care about the Portability, or Connection Sharing

One great advantage of the wireless internet connection and why everybody should use it is because it is very portable and can be shared with a large number of people. If you are the only one who wants to be using your broadband internet connection and you really don’t care about being portable or sharing your internet connection with others then you can easily save yourself the stress of going for a wireless broadband internet service.

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