4 Keys To Internet Marketing in 2013

Internet marketing is a challenging and tedious process to manage on a regular basis, especially when you have many websites to manage on hand. Online marketing demands much of your time, effort and sometimes involves high risks as well. In our attempts to profit from our marketing endeavors, we often find our selves both physically and mentally drained.

To be successful in internet marketing, there are certain key secrets and foundations that you must understand and internalize. These key secrets can provide success in your internet marketing efforts, by discovering your niche market, marketing your resources well, and leading your traffic down to whatever you want them to do on your site!

As such, this post is catered to share with you 4 key secrets toInternet Marketing to aid you in your marketing endeavors in 2013.


1. Credibility

Credibility is attained by earning the trust of your visitors, by ensuring that your presentation of your online business matches the established reputation that you are attempting to portray.

Credibility can be manifested in every single aspect of your site — from the way your site looks, to the way your content is written, to the way you interact with your customers. This will mean that your customer must be able to purchase your products without any worries or doubts.

Quick Tips To Help Build Your Site’s Credibility:

• Provide Your Customers With Guarantees.
• Purchase And Display Reliability Icons Such As Trust-E And VeriSign.

Remember: Credibility is earned, not given.

2. Visibility

The visibility of your site determines the amount of traffic that you are receiving on a daily basis. This is a vital and key factor that you have to take into account in your online marketing efforts. The equation is simple: The higher visibility your website attains on the Internet, the more traffic that will be directed to your site, and the more sales/clicks you will receive!

Quick Tips To Help Increase Your Site’s Visibility:

• Engage in SEO Strategies.
• Advertise Your Site.
• Submit Your Popular Articles Online.
• Leverage On Social Media.

There are endless ways and methods that you can undertake to increase the visibility of your site. Just be creative, explore, and focus on the specific methods that can benefit the visibility of your site the most.

3. Usability

Usability refers to the user experience of your site, which involves the ease of navigation, and also the quick responses of your site. You must aim to please your visitors, always catering to your traffic’s demands and clearing their doubts. In business, always place your customers above your own personal interests. Their online presence determines the amount of profit that you make, whether it is a profit or loss.

Also, if your site has a good usability interface, your visitors will start linking and subscribing to your site, which is exactly what you aim for them to do!

Quick Tips To Help Increase The Usability Of Your Site:

• Create Internal Links Within The Pages And Posts Of Your Site.
• Provide Feedback Columns.
• Use A Simple And User-friendly Theme For Your Site.

4. Use a Viral Blogging System

A very little known tactic in the blogging world is using a ‘viral blogging system’ to post your content….

To be honest, this is the reason why I retired from my 9-5 and now I travel the world…

I wrote about this in my Empower Network Guide:

I blog on the Empowernetwork.com domain. And because it is a top 400 website in the world, the posts tend to rank exceptionally well.

Put is this way…the more authority the easier it is for a post to rank. Now, all you “SEO people” out there know what I am talking about when I say “authoritative”. (I learned this when I worked at SEO.com — one of the largest SEO agencies in the nation.)

An authoritative website is a website that ranks high on Google. It usually has an aged domain, high traffic and thousands of other people linking back to you and a dominating social presence.

So needless to say, when you get a piece of real estate on a top 400 website in the world — like Empower Network — you are going to “rank” more naturally in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) and you are going to get more traffic.


These are the 4 key secrets to internet marketing that you should employ in your marketing efforts to establish your online presence, and most importantly, success!Do share with us how our tips have helped you in your online business or internet marketing strategies.

If you feel that you have any other internet marketing secrets that have worked for you, do share it with us too.

My name is Jeremy Page — I guess you could say I am an ‘SEO professional turned internet entrepreneur’. I spent two years at a large SEO firm before recently becoming self-employed. I currently live in El Tunco, El Salvador where I work from my laptop, surf (rookie, of course) and speak Spanish (trying).

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