5 Best iPhone Racing Games

iPhone has the cutting-edge technology that can offer stunning visuals when compared to the other handheld devices. Though iPhone is not a gaming device, it can be a fantastic alternative to PSP and Nintendo handheld gaming consoles. There are many exciting games and applications that are available for iPhone or iPad devices. The life is getting really easier with some of the Best free iPad apps or iPhone apps that we are having currently. Here is my list of top 5 best iPhone racing games.

5. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

 The latest version from Asphalt includes 42 bikes and cars from Ducati, Ferrari, and other well known automotive manufacturers. Casual gamers using iPhone will enjoy this game pretty much. Good game play and graphics make it more attractive, though hard core race gamers will not enjoy this game. Of course, GT racing is on the offer for the hardcore gamers too. You can also enjoy multiplayer mode, but on the downside, you cannot find on-screen track map. It is a premium gaming application that costs you a cent. Get Asphalt 6: Adrenaline from App Store.


 4. Raging Thunder 2

 This is an arcade racer game that is pretty much similar to that of Asphalt series games… This particular game focuses on destruction and pace by tackling or overtaking opponents.

Auto-acceleration is the best feature among the iPhone racing games. 3D graphics look little cartoonish when compared to the other racing games. You can get on-screen trackmap and the game play is pretty engaging.  Again this game is for casual players and not for hardcore gamers. It is a paid game that costs you $3.99 and you can get Raging Thunder 2 from App Store.

Note: This is also available for Android devices, and it’s fairly popular in all gaming markets!

 3. NFS: Hot Pursuit

NFS Hot pursuit is a police-chase racing game that offers great racing experience, and loads of excitement to pump up your adrenaline levels… You can play as racer as well as cop and you will be provided with weapons like roadblock, EMP, and spike strips. Game play is not easy and you can say that this game is completely for hardcore gamers. It doesn’t provide you online multiplayer option, which is a key turn-off. It is a sort of costly game, but gives you ultimate gaming experience for just $4.99 and you can get NFS: Hot Pursuit from App Store.

2. Motor Academy: GT Racing

 GT Racing is a decent racing game available with detailed graphics, addictive career mode, and tons of cool cars. There are 25 brands and 107 licensed cars to purchase… You can get few popular cars like Audi R8 and Nissan GT-R.

You can also see wide range of tracks available with detailed info. Game play is good and well suited for all gamers. Game sound is not at its best, but you can replace the game sound with your own playlist. If you are searching for some free Racing Games for your iPhone, then GT Racing is one of the best options and get GT Racing from App Store.

1. Real Racing 2

 Real Racing 2 is the best iPhone racing game of all time, and it offers awesome graphics, best game play, and great multiplayer experience. It takes complete lead of retina display with striking visual. Cars are amazingly perfect and tracks are tougher than the amateurish ones. This is well suited for hardcore gamers and it is the best of all the iPhone racing games of all times undoubtedly. It is yet another costly and exciting racing game for your iPhone that you must not miss playing. You can get Real Racing 2 for just $4.99 from App Store.

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