5 Best Kindle Fire Apps for Education

The Kindle Fire is a new tablet computer edition of Kindle e-book reader introduced by Amazon off-late. It was revealed on 28th September 2011, and it has come with a standard 7-inch multi-touch display screen provided with advanced IPS technology, and it operates using a forked edition of Google’s Android OS (Operating System).

The new tablet includes access to many Amazon Appstore streaming movies, kindle e-books, and TV shows. It was scheduled to be released in the United States market on 15th November 2011, but it has been released a day earlier i.e. on November 14th.

It comes with an affordable base price that starts at just US$199. Some techno analysts expect that the new device will be a strong competitor to Apple’s new iPad, but when you consider the features it’s absolutely no match to iPad.

It offers a wide range of apps to its users including entertainment, books and comics, games, cooking etc. So, if you are looking forward to know about the 5 best Kindle Fire Apps for education that you can obtain in Amazon Appstore, then here are the best Kindle Fire apps hand-picked for you.

5 Best Kindle Fire Apps

Here is the list of 5 Best Kindle Fire Apps

  • Audible for Android – Audible is free android app that can be obtained from Amazon.com. This particular app belongs to book and comics category in the Appstore.  Previously, Audiobooks were made available on Kindle, but with the invention of Audible app, the users find it easier as well as satisfying to use it on the latest android phones. If you like audio, then the new Audible is the best store for buying audiobooks, as they are made available in many places and formats now. This app allows you to download any of the books, which you have previously purchased for local use on your Kindle Fire. This app is made available through various plans including a $15 plan, which offers one free book every month.
  • Comics by ComiXology – It is the best comics’ app that can be obtained in the present market for the new Kindle Fire. If you love to read comic stories, then with the help of this app you can enjoy free reading as well as you can download your favorite comics that you can find over internet.
  • Hulu Plus – This is yet another cool free app, which belongs to entertainment category on the Amazon Appstore. It can be obtained free of cost, but you need to subscribe to Hulu plus.
  • Plants Vs Zombies – If you love to play games, then this is the best app that you can find on the Appstore. But, it is not free, and you’ll have to shell out $3; nonetheless, it’s a great game, which is a type of tower defense game.
  • Drawing Pad – This is yet another well-known app that is made available for all Kindle Fire users. It is a new entertainment app, which can be obtained on Amazon.com at a decent price of $2.

The new Kindle Fire is turning out to be one of the hot tablets next to the new iPad and at base price of very reasonable $200, which most of the android phone fans could afford.

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