Advantages Of ShareFile Services

With increasing focus on digital media in everything from business and education to social activity and personal needs, the need for efficient file sharing and storage has become more apparent in recent years. The fact is, most of us spend a large portion of our lives online, dealing with various types of digital files, and the ability to manage these files in a secure and convenient manner is crucial.

This is why companies like ShareFile have emerged to provide users with all of their file sharing and storing needs in a single package. While such providers were initially geared largely toward business needs, their services can apply on an individual scale as well. So, what exactly does a company like ShareFile offer? Here are a few key advantages and benefits.

Advanced File Sharing
For your basic, everyday needs, email generally suffices for file sharing. But if your file sharing needs involve a particularly high volume of emails, or particularly large and complex files, you can benefit from a service like ShareFile. With the ability to handle files of up to 10GB, ShareFile provides advanced emailing services, and also offers you a transfer program that you can separate entirely from your personal needs and everyday email (which is ideal for business environments).

Secure File Sharing
In addition to allowing you to conveniently serve large and complex files, ShareFile also provides you with added security for your digital communications. You can customize passwords, send encrypted files, and clearly dictate which recipients within your network see a given message. Essentially, it’s a new level of control over your Internet communications.

File Sharing Organization
ShareFile offers you a more organized way to send, receive and store files. The most notable way in which this is accomplished is that you can make customized file folders for all of your communications. Additionally, you can enjoy the ability to receive confirmation whenever a communication is received by the correct recipient.

Cloud Storage
Aside from file sharing specifically, you will also benefit from the implementation of cloud storage, which is the most effective way to store and backup digital data. By storing and organizing your data on the cloud, you guarantee that you can access it from devices other than the one you typically work on. This equates to automatic backup, as well as the convenience to access and work on files from anywhere at any time.

Desktop & App Integration
Finally, ShareFile also makes its services easy to use, by offering you the ability to implement and customize desktop widgets and electronic apps. This is not a complicated service you have to install and learn over time. Rather, it consists of just a few simple programs that totally change and enhance your file sharing and storage options.


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